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what is the future of bitcoin in pakistan

A Pakistani stockbroker looks at an index board during a trading session at the Pakistan Stock Earlier this year Pakistan banned the country's banks from working with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. While this resulted in the country's first bitcoin exchange Urdubit shutting down, people have continued to use cryptocurrencies.

There are currently 57 people in Pakistan buying and selling bitcoin, according to trading platform LocalBitcoins. The value of bitcoin trading on the LocalBitcoins platform has crept up in Pakistan in recent weeks At the top of Khan's to-do-list is managing Pakistan's struggling economy.

The rupee has repeatedly fallen against the dollar this year and foreign currency reserves are running low. Similar, though far more stringent, moves pushed people in Iran towards bitcoin earlier this year as a way of moving money out of the country. Bitcoin trading volumes in Pakistan peaked ahead of the country's bitcoin ban in , according to I am a journalist with significant experience covering technology, finance, economics, and business around the world.

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what is the future of bitcoin in pakistan

History of Bitcoin

By Iwantapony , September 29 in Bitcoin. The future of bitcoin is very positive and bright because every time btc makes his position better then last year but some time this coin is came back but don't worry this coin is give you a huge profit and bright your future with him. Don't always be so sure about bitcoin going up because you will be disappointed when it goes down and also we still vague on the future of bitcoin after the next halving and will it be profitable to miners or not? The future of Bitcoin is world domination provoding the founders don't sell up. I think that would be the end and if it was me. Ive got to say I would be tempted.

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