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what will happen to bitcoin price

TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. From the dramatic price plunge of Bitcoin BTC and other digital assets to the regulatory crackdown on initial coin offerings ICOs and the continued trail of crypto-exchange hacks, the cryptocurrency industry put behind a very turbulent year. But does it mean that Bitcoin is ready for a period of calm and recovery, or is it headed for rougher times?

The Lightning Network will dominate the conversation surrounding Bitcoin in It promises greater utility for Bitcoin as not only a settlement layer but also a means of exchange. These issues, being ideological in nature, have the potential to create another Segwit-level disagreement if not handled proactively.

I plan to watch this story closely as the community doggedly explores scaling solutions. Kyle Samani , Multicoin Capital. There are too many big players getting involved and too little BTC available for large purchases without pushing the price up. I think we have one more big wave of adoption on the hockey stick before it levels out for a gradual rise.

I also see this leading to a reduction in BTC market share over time. Until then secondary layers like Lighting Network, Open Assets, etc. Jared Tate , Digibyte. The one-year view for Bitcoin remains bearish. Scaling technologies like Lightning are still very early, ecosystem players are still top-heavy after the boom, and the bulk of regulatory enforcement action — most of it in the US — lies ahead of the ecosystem rather than behind it.

The most interesting use case for Bitcoin remains, as ever, a censorship-proof payment method to circumvent both government oppression such as in Venezuela , and corporate de-platforming, as with Patreon and efforts similar to Operation Choke Point. I expect real, meaningful Bitcoin adoption to increase in response to the needs of those sorts of users.

Bitcoin will likely stabilize throughout People will still view Bitcoin as store of value. As more people will try to do blockchain-based applications, the infighting and forking with Bitcoin Cash will hinder things until one basically emerges above the other.

We need to see faith come back in the market and people need to start believing in the technology. Only then will the currency that backs up this technology be adopted by the mass.

Once that happens there will be an insurgence. Kevin Hobbs , Vanbex Group. After an ultra-turbulent , Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be really put to test in Currently, the BTC price is slowly dwindling down because, simply put, nothing at all has taken place over the last 12 months to change its overall negative sentiment. The reason it is not crashing down harder is because investors and speculators, who are already holding significant amounts, are artificially keeping it alive.

I believe that at a certain point in time, with lack of positive headlines, these investors and speculators will lose their patience and start mitigating their losses by dumping it. Alon Rajic , Money Transfer Comparison.

As an asset class, cryptocurrency, BTC included, is still tiny when compared even to the market cap of many leading bluechip stocks. BTC itself is still not widely distributed, with very high levels of capital concentration among a handful of wallets. Because of this, the price of BTC is very easily manipulated, making it difficult to predict what the future price will be.

The groundwork has been set in terms regulation, and governments will be better equipped to handle another frenzy in that event. Mainstream adoption and growth of the asset class will be initially driven by institutional investment, hopefully leading to greater education and understanding of the implications of digital assets. Peter Smyrniotis , Victory Square Technologies. Whether technologically, politically, socially or in popular culture, I believe Bitcoin will continue to grow at a rapid pace around the world.

The price action is a surface level indicator of what is happening with the development of this revolutionary technology.

Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come, is still only the beginning of its benefits and concepts entering the public consciousness. Virgilio Lizardo Jr , Gate. Probably in the focus will be on currencies — Bitcoin, Litecoin, some of those — because we have quite a bit of geopolitical tension in the world.

We are starting to see some global macro players use Bitcoin as an alternative to their gold position, or as a way to hedge against fiat currency fluctuations and volatility. Brian Kelly , crypto-analyst interview with Cointelegraph. With eToro, a leading social trading platform, you can trade manually or copy the actions taken by leading traders, taking much of the stress and work out of your investments.

This post is brought to you by eToro. Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely in price and are, therefore, not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework.

Past performance is not an indication of future results. This is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk. Published February 5, — UTC. February 5, — UTC. Powered by. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and insider stories by TNW. Jared Tate , Digibyte Bitcoin will return to its origins in The one-year view for Bitcoin remains bearish. Forking will continue as the market matures Bitcoin will likely stabilize throughout Kevin Hobbs , Vanbex Group Harder times still ahead After an ultra-turbulent , Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be really put to test in Peter Smyrniotis , Victory Square Technologies The Bitcoin train has left the station Whether technologically, politically, socially or in popular culture, I believe Bitcoin will continue to grow at a rapid pace around the world.

what will happen to bitcoin price

When Will the Last Bitcoin be Mined?

You may have noticed that I have been MIA for the past few weeks, but fear not, I am still hanging around although very busy! It is widely accepted that Satoshi was unhappy with the economic situation at the time centralized financial institutions, bank bail-outs. In a follow-up post, I will discuss what will happen to Cryptocurrencies, as a whole, in such event. A market crash, and subsequently a financial crisis, occurs when piling on this debt is no longer sustainable and everything comes crumbling down like a house of cards. In order to back this post with facts, I would like to list below the different assets, used in the charts that follow, alongside a brief description and the reason behind their selection. However, not all bonds are made equal.

Lightning network will be Bitcoin’s main highlight

Once miners unearth 21 million Bitcoins, that will be the total number of Bitcoins that will ever exist. Bitcoins can be lost due to irrecoverable passwords, forgotten wallets from when Bitcoin was worth little, from hardware failure or because of the death of the bitcoin owner. This is a pretty important concept to understand in order to fully understand when the last Bitcoin will be mined. Originally, 50 bitcoins were earned as a reward for mining a block. Then it dropped 25 bitcoins, and then to So if we do the math, if there is a halving event every four years, the last Bitcoin should be mined sometime in the year

The bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers bank started the chain reaction that caused government bailouts of the banks. The situation was reminiscent of the Great Depression of It should be noted that there were some attempts to create some store value and make it independent from intermediaries or some central counterparty.

In fact, Bitcoin is not the first phenomenon of its kid. On October 31st,the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto sent an email with an encryption site claiming to have invented electronic money that would establish a monetary system without the need of intermediaries government, banks, or any other financial what will happen to bitcoin price. Gox appeared. It was the first exchange where Bitcoin could be traded for fiat currency.

After that, the Bitcoin price whay riding a never-ending rollercoaster. For example, the founder of Silk Road the leading online drug and arms market that used Bitcoin paymentsRoss William Ulbricht, was arrested.

Since the majority of transactions were organized in that marketplace, the currency nosedived. In Decemberthe Chinese central bank published a warning for financial institutions and businesses that any Bitcoin trade would be considered illegal. Thus, Bitcoin lost its main world market.

On February 28,Mt. Goxthe largest Bitcoin exchange by that time, declared bankruptcy after a serious hacker attack. The website had already dealt with hacker attacks before, but this one was too disruptive. The world witnessed a wide adoption of cryptocurrency. In Januarythe number of Japanese eCommerce stores accepting Bitcoin increases by 4. Exchange trading volumes continued growing. Together with the hype in the media, the fear of some governments also increased: authorities were concerned that Bitcoin can be used in illegal activities.

How did it happen? The attention of media, birth of new cryptocurrencies, ICOs and crypto projects, and numerous investment options altogether contributed to all this hype. While some governments are trying to implement Bitcoin payments and contribute to its introduction, others only see it as a threat to the bitfoin traditional economy and law enforcement. Prive example, on January 22,South Korea released a regulation that requires all the Bitcoin traders to reveal their identity.

Besides, anonymous BTC trading was banned. Considering how many worthy altcoins wlll blockchains are around, Bitcoin started losing its technical superiority. Some two-three years ago, Bitcoin mining was available for a regular laptop user. Bitcoin rpice rather mined in huge farms that consist of hundreds of ASICs and consume an enormous amount of energy.

As we know, the Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 mln units. The rest 4 mln coins are expected to be mined by Global supply of Bitcoin will reach its limit unless the protocol is changed. According to Bitcoin supporters, it may cause several outcomes.

First and foremost, Bitcoin miners will be affected. However, according to Bitcoin. As a result, the number of miners will reduceand the Bitcoin network will become more centralized. On the other hand, some experts are sure that transaction fees and mining expenses will even out down the road.

People put their hopes in mining technologies: mining chips are expected to become smaller and way more efficient. That will reduce the efforts and electricity expenses for miners and boost the ROI of their investments.

Besides, if transaction fees increase, it might help miners to keep afloat. Bitcoin has been through significant hikes in recent months. But what is clear is that its limited supply will make its price increase. Bicoin who hold exclusive coins may enjoy an enormous profit in a few years. Probably, the largest supply belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto. It can be about 1 mln Bitcoins and is intentionally saved for the time when the global supply faces a wild level of demand.

The future price of Bitcoin largely depends on the interest of large institutions. Our outlook for Bitcoin is far more constructive than what we pricee been projecting for Bitcoin in could see a continuation of weakness in the first half of the year before the market finally stabilizes and starts to make its way back up in anticipation of what should be an impressive second wave for crypto assets. Hapoen still has the reputation and the liquidity that make it preferable to other cryptos. The cryptos that survive this crash will continue to gain strength next year, and in the years to come.

Like Amazon and eBay, out of a collection of cryptos that fail, a small but significant minority will succeed. A high level of Bitcoins has recently been moved from cold storage to hot storage by significant influencers in the cryptocurrency market. What this means is that investors who have the ability to move the market are gearing up to trade. This is justified on a number of fronts. Veronika combines in-depth analytical approach with creative writing to deliver the texts that both inform and entertain.

With hundreds of reviews, SEO articles and marketing texts under the belt, she has experience of working for wilp Medium channels, Cryptodiffer site and ICOs. Part of U. What to expect from BTC in the near future?

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice — it is provided for informational purposes. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose. We can say about the RSI indicator, which is about to get in the oversold area. What does it mean for us? Of course, for most people, a reasonable question is where the correction ends One of the possible ways, you can find on the chart.

And this corresponds to the expectations of trading legend Peter Brandt. It could mean that we are in an extended flat pattern. If that scenario is correct, we are about to wll some growth. The weekly chart of the total market cap looks bearish. On a daily chart, the situation looks much better because here we have already broken the negative trend and this can be interpreted as a return of some demand if we are talking about the SPOT market.

In general, the situation is happpen interesting. Lots of traders would like to see another panic sale, but perhaps Bitcoin will not present give us such a gift this time. Dmitry has over four years of cryptocurrency trading, experience in partnering with crypto funds and internal business intelligence of exchanges such as Starexchangealliance, in particular with Exrates.

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