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what will be the next bitcoin stock

With the cryptocurrency world gaining more and more mainstream attention, it is just natural that a lot of people take interest in this topic. But naturally, as time goes on, people start wondering — what is the next Bitcoin?

Or in other words — what is the next big cryptocurrency? Those are the exact questions that I will try to answer in this tutorial.

Bitcoin was first released into the general public back in Needless to say, because it was such a new and exciting concept, it quickly gained notoriety and interest.

As the years went by, Bitcoin gained more and more traction. This would have been a historical event for the coin and the cryptocurrency community in general. What are the characteristics of the next big cryptocurrency? It is fair to try and guess what is the next Bitcoin by looking at the prices and the market trends growth trends , but those are not the main aspects to be looking for. There is a golden rule in the crypto communities around the world: if a cryptocurrency is useful, it will overcome any struggles and will continue to grow.

It is a fair assumption: if something is both scarce AND useful, people will try to acquire it. Out of the current or so cryptocurrencies that exist, there are quite a few that are flashy and pricey, yet they lack any specific usefulness. Over the years, these currencies tend to fade out and be forgotten. For cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of factors that determine their usefulness. They should also be easily available and fast.

They should simply be available via the main marketplaces and trading sites on the internet. A good and potential-possessing crypto coin should also be open source. Even though Ripple tends to be a huge exception in this, decentralized cryptocurrencies are usually the ones that come on top of centralized ones.

When you think about what is the next Bitcoin and try to google for the answer, there are usually three big names that pop up. In most cases, people want to know the answers to these three questions:.

Litecoin , Ripple and Ethereum — according to popular opinion, these are the three main contenders to become the next big cryptocurrency. Litecoin was created and developed back in It is considered to be one of the original altcoins. Litecoin is very popular and respected for a couple of big reasons. First of all, Litecoin is a direct spin-off of Bitcoin. The technical parameters that these two coins share are almost identical. Having said that, Litecoin is famous for being four times faster than Bitcoin.

Truth be told, this is a huge deal when it comes to transaction speeds and hash rates. So is Litecoin the next Bitcoin simply because of this reason? Before we start, fun fact: Ripple is the name of the company that created the coin, XRP. Ripple is interesting in that it is the only cryptocurrency on this list that is centralized — that means that it belongs to a single company and cannot be modified or changed by third parties.

Ripple is designed for daily usages, which means that it has much faster transaction speeds and much cheaper rates. Additionally, the main focus of the coin was original to be used by banks — this means that Ripple can avoid a lot of regulations and other checks that other cryptocurrencies have to go through.

This allows HUGE mobility and at one point has even managed to briefly place Ripple in the 2 spot on the crypto market, right after Bitcoin. In Ripple the next Bitcoin? Probably the most well-known cryptocurrency on this list, Ethereum has been the biggest contender to Bitcoin for the number one spot in the market. The main point that people bring up is that while Bitcoin is just a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a whole ledger of technology. Ethereum lets other Ethereum-network-based cryptocurrencies build upon and develop themselves on the network that this technology provides.

In this sense, you could say that if Bitcoin was a plank, Ethereum is the house. Bitcoin has a very interesting history. After more than eight years of fluctuation, Bitcoin finally managed to skyrocket into the mainstream.

With doing so, it opened the doors for many other cryptocurrencies as well. People often ask: is Litecoin next Bitcoin? Is Ethereum next Bitcoin? Is Ripple next Bitcoin? Or is insert any cryptocurrency here the next big thing in the crypto world?

Truth be told, no one can know the answer for sure. The cryptocurrency market is a very volatile place — at any given point in time, something gigantic might happen. It is, however, possible to speculate. There are a lot of such speculations circling the internet. Some of them have merit, others are blind guesses. If you want to do some speculation yourself, always remember one simple rule:. People place their speculations on various things — price, history, events within the crypto market, etc.

The three cryptos mentioned in this tutorial are useful in their respective ways, but there are a lot of other coins in the market that are also very attractive in their own set of ways. If you want to speculate, do your research and keep a leveled head about it — the cryptocurrency world can sometimes be a very chaotic place. If you do decide to try and answer what is the next Bitcoin yourself, I wish you the best of luck!

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what will be the next bitcoin stock

Litecoin is benefiting from bitcoin’s surging popularity

However, my recent article on June 23 was scarily accurate. My prediction for the Bitcoin price, made on June Was I right? The current bitcoin price. However, this is the game we play and we play it with material amounts of money.

Nobody knows for certain what the next Bitcoin will be. Ethereum is considered by some to be the next Bitcoin. It ranks right behind Bitcoin by market and is chipping away at the market domination that Bitcoin has. The qualities of the next Bitcoin include: next generation architecture, exponentially disruptive use-cases, original code and implementations, and a network effect of adoption. Is Bitcoin not good enough for you?! For real tho. But hey, this is one of the most common questions asked by cryptocurrency newcomers… So here we are. Bitcoin is a digital money ecosystem with units of currency Bitcoin that are used to store and transmit value among participants in this glorious distributed and decentralized computer network.

what will be the next bitcoin stock

But Bayern LB, a lender based in the rich German province of Bavaria, has surprised the crypto community. On the backdrop of even looser monetary policies by central banks and ever lower, subzero interest rates, the attractiveness of gold, the traditional store of value, is growing sill, as is its price. Its appeal, the Munich-headquartered bank points out, stems from the fact that the supply ve cannot be increased indiscriminately. And at the same time, the limited annual mext of new gold, the flow, only adds incrementally to an already very substantial stockpile, the stock.

In order to demonstrate that the market value of bitcoin can be explained by a stock-to-flow model, the researchers have collated the number of created bitcoins BTC and the available historical price data from cryptocurrency exchanges.

The indicator will almost catch up with that of gold, which is currently around 58 but is expected to change insignificantly by next spring. You can also freely trade your digital assets on our noncustodial, peer-to-peer marketplace, local.

What are your expectations about the price of major cryptocurrencies in ? Tell what will be the next bitcoin stock in the comments ghe. Do you need a reliable bitcoin mobile wht to send, receive, and store your coins? Download one for free from us and then head to our Purchase Bitcoin page where you can quickly buy bitcoin with a wilp card.

These days bitcoin and a variety of other digital assets are now being traded as funds and traditional equity holdings. Crypto financial services company Blockfi has launched a trading platform supporting three cryptocurrencies. The new offering adds to the company's… read.

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The fifth reason people get the future wrong is a complete and total lack of patience. And they can easily get lost or damaged by the elements. Sttock You Need to Know about Selfkey. The Eightfold Path of the Legendary Trader. Better to the current system with blockchain and then overwhelm it from within rather than ignore it so that it becomes hostile. The team nect relied on donations and the broader community to further development. Half of those income streams will be automated and passive, likely neext kind of crypto UBI. Before his work on EOS, Larimer founded the digital currency exchange Bitshares as well as the blockchain-based social media platform Steemit. Additionally, the main focus of the coin was original to be used by banks — this means that Ripple can avoid a lot of regulations and other checks that other cryptocurrencies have to go .

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