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what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020

A new research note from crypto prime dealer SFOX indicates there may be a correlation between the bitcoin price and holidays, at least during pronounced bull runs. The vast majority of this growth in the bitcoin price came after the Thanksgiving holiday. As a recent report from Delphi Digital pointed out , this sort of theoretical retail investment interest is still the main driver of the bitcoin price in Notably, Delphi Digital also released a bullish report regarding the bitcoin price prior to this most recent bull run.

The research note from SFOX also points out that a sustained rise in the bitcoin price occurred during the Spring Festival celebrated in China back in February of this year. That behavior, almost by definition, is FOMO[. I'm a writer who has been following Bitcoin since I've worked all over the Bitcoin media space -- from being editor-in-chief at Inside Bitcoins to contributing to I've been a full-time Bitcoin writer and researcher since early Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

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what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020

Predictions and Analysis

The hitcoin consensus is positive that Bitcoin will go up, but no one can accurately make a prediction. Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice — it is provided for informational purposes. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose. Bitcoin has been one of the biggest investments of the century, perhaps even the millennium.

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In this Bitcoin price prediction guide, I will first give you a quick overview of what Bitcoin actually is, followed by a brief explanation of the things to consider before you invest heavily based on a price prediction guide just like this one! After that, I will then discuss some popular price predictions for the year and let you know my thoughts on each of them. Finally, I will then discuss some of the upcoming real-world events that could affect its price movement going forward. Bitcoin allows people to send and receive funds without a third party intermediary and as such, it is a decentralized payments system. The network is controlled by no single person or authority, nor is it backed by any central bank. In return, miners are rewarded with additional Bitcoin for contributing to the network.

what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020

Bitcoin saw massive growth after the 2016 halving.

Pantera Capital CEO gave a bold prediction during an interview with Unchained that the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket by and will hit record highs this year. In the latest cryptocurrency newswe can see what Dan Morehead stated and on what the growth potential is based. However, he is not alone in his beliefs. While the Pantera Capital CEO warns people against using price as a bitcoin proxy, he says that the price is always growing.

The influx of institutional money is one of the most important factors for a positive prediction. Bakkt and Fidelity are preparing to launch their institutional-grade platform which could further boost the price of the asset. Morehead believes that institutional investors are seeing a good future with Pantera Capital. Share This With Your Friends DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies.

If you are interested to offer your expertise or contribute to our news website, feel free to contact us at editor dcforecasts. Stefan is a full-time member and has been a Bitcoin Specialist for over 6 years. Providing daily news and updates for DC Forecasts. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Share This With Your Friends. DC Forecasts is a leader in many crypto news categories, striving for the highest journalistic standards and abiding by a strict set of editorial policies.

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Dollar, Bitcoin Gets A Boost. Continue Reading. You may like. Published 10 mins ago on December 19, By Stefan. However, today Bitcoin reverses and has just initiated a new run, going back to new levels. As Bitcoin reverses, we can see many analysts commenting the situation. Today, the Bitcoin news which are positive also initiated altcoins to rise and correct compared to their levels from yesterday.

Analytics from the shorter time frame show that the moving average convergence divergence MACD histogram has flipped to positive and what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020 a strong bull cross between the MACD and the signal line. As suggested in the previous analysis that we posted, the relative strength index RSI bounced around 20 and extends into what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020 territory above Published 11 hours ago on December 18, BigTech firms see bitcoin as an empowering technology since the social media giants are no longer opposing the huge power bitcoin.

Since bitcoin was created, many of the BigTech firms and financial giants saw Bitcoin and its blockchain technology as a major threat. Inevitably, the concept of decentralized internet boosted by Satoshi Nakamoto is now increasingly leading technological innovation in all over the industry fields and financial sectors. For example, social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook are no longer fighting the advent of crypto and the idea of decentralization but they started embracing it.

Blockchain points to a series of decentralized solutions for open and durable hosting, governance, and even monetization. Much work to be done, but the fundamentals are. However, in order to combat fake news, Facebook owns Instagram and is now expanding its fact-checking program to other platforms. This program uses the fact-checking organizations from all around the world to identify and rate the misinformation on Instagram and platforms similar to it. Published 17 hours ago on December 18, Rita Ora is the latest celebrity to promote Bitcoin on her Instagram profile and since cryptocurrencies are no strangers to celebrities, promoting bitcoin just adds another layer to the popularity of the coin as we are about to see in the Bitcoin news.

The popular singer Rita Ora, became popular as a UK artist who also appeared in films and reality formats, choose to become the face for bitcoin on her Instagram profile. The altcoins and tokens have received a lot of publicity but some promotions ended up quite badly. She originated from Kosovo where the mining business is thriving.

When she was a child, she saw a political tension in the country and moved out along with her parents so she does understand the trans-national asset that represents a store of value and a what made bitcoin skyrocket in 2020 to transfer funds without restrictions. In however, buying bitcoin as an activity has slowed down from the high mainstream. Rita Ora could be one of the many good faces to promote BTC which could turn out to be a new generation investment mechanism since Millennials are much more likely compared to GenX and Boomers to put BTC in their investment choices.

Bitcoin promotion so far has been covered by the popular social media personalities that spent years within the crypto space. Published 22 hours ago on December 18, One of the top cryptocurrency casinos out there, MintDice, has revamped its operations a couple of months ago and introduced new standards of trust and security which are setting the bar higher in the online casino industry. For those of you who don't follow our Bitcoin newsMintDice is basically a popular crypto casino that offers players the option of playing and investing with different cryptocurrencies.

The website is also powered by numerous algorithms based on blockchain technology and provides a new level of security and trust. In times when Internet gambling is more than just viral in any part of the world, cryptocurrencies are used as the ideal "money" for betting and playing games online. Basically, MintDice offers players an improved way to gamble with frictionless transactions and provably fair algorithms.

This is how MintDice became a leader in the virtual gaming industry. The online Bitcoin casino offers support in a variety of coins. In fact, the core mission of the casino is to maintain a reliable gambling service but also be fun and social. You can see this whenever you need anything from the support team at MintDice. Despite being relatively new, the casino offers amazing support which is how it ramped up its reputation and became one of the best online Bitcoin casinos out.

On top of all this, MintDice offers investments for even more opportunities to win and profit. The team is confident that all user funds are at no risk and that its goal is to always provide complete transparency to its users. Regulation 1 min ago. Bitcoin News 10 mins ago. Blockchain News 10 hours ago. Monero News 11 hours ago. Bitcoin News 11 hours ago. Altcoin News 3 days ago. Ethereum News 3 days ago. Blockchain News 3 days ago.

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Bitcoin saw massive growth after the 2016 halving.

As supply and demand fundamentals drive the price of the digital coin to new highs, more investors will seek to get in on the frenzy, further driving up the price of Bitcoin. Please set your preferences in Cookie Settings and visit our Cookie policy for more information on how and why cookies are used on this site. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U. The current block reward is only At the same time, Colas believes that a lack of interest among investors could prevent bitcoin from maximizing its potential. Of course, for most people, a reasonable question is where the correction ends In the U. This is due to the mining difficulty increasing as more miners join the network. Related Terms Bitcoin Definition Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency created in that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. This as Grayscale Investments LLC announced that its investment vehicle that holds the cryptocurrency Ether will open up to small investors after receiving secondary-market trading approval, as reported by Bloomberg. Bitcoin What's the Difference between Bitcoin and Ripple? Click here for cookie policy Cookie settings Accept cookies. Tweet This. John McAfee is the Founder of McAfee Associates, which launched the first commercial antivirus software back in the late s. Other cryptocurrencies will soon follow, crossing their previous all time highs. Entering into the last quarter ofinvestors and analysts are eager to know what can be the journey for Bitcoin in Ripple Cryptocurrency Ripple is a technology that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions.

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