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what is ethereum bitcoin ethbtc

Don't expect lenghty posts explaining every single thing, my time is limited, but I'll do my best to get my point accross. Vertical blue lines on the chart represent the time at which I was streaming and gave out the call I review about 50 coins per day so The increase since the start of Sep looks done and I can spot bearish divergence.

Only a move above the invalidation line can save the bulls here. However, I have to note that there is still a chance for the bulls. The zone between 0. Great Alt trades left and right since the Dom is overshooting. I personally will not be taking any of these trades because I had a great week and I dont want to get too over confident but I really would. I just want to maintain my discipline. God Speed, Mr.

Centroid of triangle. Follow the green line. Target for etherium is around 0. Next support will kick in there. If that one fails etherium will probably go down to 0. Check if you can get support. You should also check the distribution of the transaction volume. My chart has a horizontal line. This horizontal Being able to set Stop loss, Updating my fractal. Posted it last year: will be fun. RSI is getting closer to an oversold condition. If the price can hold this level for a couple of days, I expect a minor pullback to the upside to form another lower high.

The breakdown of the range can lead to price decrease to low of the downward channel and test September's low - Brief trade review: - Sell 0. Redline is all what matters.. Videos only. Last visit. Ethereum II. Ethereum vs Bitcoin - The cycle [Part 2].

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what is ethereum bitcoin ethbtc

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Today, important information such as financial data, passwords, and personal data are stored by other people in their computers—in servers ethhbtc cloud storage spaces owned by companies such as Amazon, Facebook, or Google. This setup is convenient since the companies deploy experts to secure the information and eliminate the hosting and uptime costs. Nonetheless, this is where the vulnerability comes in. It is common knowledge, that a bicoin or any malicious hacker can access your data by gaining click to these servers. This means that they can change, leak, or steal your data.

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Ethereum is the leading blockchain app platform that was proposed in by Vitalik Buterin and went live on July 30, There are many different strands to this project and getting your head around it all can be quite the challenge. The ability to craft smart contracts gave developers a chance to think about new use cases for blockchain technology that previously remained largely connected to cryptocurrencies. Ethereum also gave enterprises, organizations, and startups the ability to issue their own tokens, and build their own unique blockchain ecosystem using the Ethereum framework. Of course, Ethereum is still in development and has faced some hurdles. It has faced problems related to scalability, which was highlighted when the popular game dedicated to internet-bred cats called CryptoKitties managed to clog its network in December However, with a unique concept, upcoming developments, a strong developer community and the first-mover advantage second only to the mighty Bitcoin , Ethereum is one blockchain project that continues to remain at the forefront of DLT and crypto development. The Ethereum whitepaper describes the project as the next generation distributed computing platform, that provides a decentralized virtual machine known as the Ethereum Virtual machine EVM.

what is ethereum bitcoin ethbtc

Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart? - CNBC

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Posted it last year: will be fun. Price Performance See More. I just want to maintain my discipline. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Login Newsletters. Videos. XRP Ripple. With time, people began to realize that one of the underlying innovations of Bitcoin, the blockchain, could be utilized for other purposes. Ethereum vs Bitcoin - The cycle [Part 2]. Ethbgc expect lenghty posts explaining every single thing, bktcoin time is limited, but I'll do my best to get my point accross.

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