Baffled by Bitcoin? How Cryptocurrency Works

what is causing the recent boom in bitcoin

Bitcoin's epic rise last year may have been more than investor fervor. A study published Wednesday says at least half of the jump in bitcoin was due to coordinated price manipulation. University of Texas finance professor John Griffin, who has a year track record of spotting financial fraud, and graduate student Amin Shams examined millions of transactions on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

In a page paper , the authors found that tether was used to buy bitcoin at key moments when it was declining, which helped "stabilize and manipulate" the cryptocurrency's price. By tracking Bitfinex transactions, which are recorded on a public ledger, Griffin found that another cryptocurrency, tether. The authors tracked that pattern and found periods of suspicious bitcoin price activity tied to the issuance of tether, which is purportedly pegged to the value of the U.

Griffin found that about 87 hours, or about 1 percent, of heavy tether trading could explain 50 percent of the rise of bitcoin, and around 64 percent of the rise of other major cryptocurrencies. Both Bitfinex and Tether, the company that issues the virtual currency, have been a cause of concern for some in the industry.

Others have voiced concern that Tether doesn't actually hold enough U. A few months later, hackers stole , bitcoins from the Caribbean-based exchange. Bitfinex is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world by trading volume, and while it is registered in the Caribbean and owned by a British Virgin Islands company, it also has offices in Asia and Europe. Bitfinex CEO J. Griffin has spent the past decade publishing research on fraud by credit agencies, mortgage fraud by banks, to most recently manipulation of a volatility index known as the VIX.

For the time being, he's turning his attention to the cryptocurrency market, which Griffin said has "not a lot of monitoring going on. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. New research says at least half of the rise in bitcoin prices was due to coordinated price manipulation using another cryptocurrency called tether. The page paper says tether was used to buy bitcoin at key moments when it was declining, which helped "stabilize and manipulate" the cryptocurrency's price. Tether did not respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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what is causing the recent boom in bitcoin

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It seems like they just hate cryptocurrency. Yet many of these pundits do not fully grasp bitcoin…or even economics. For anyone unfamiliar with what a bubble is, investopedia refers to it as an asset driven by unwarranted, but exuberant, market behavior. Rexent make these claims, cauding do not seem to understand how bitcoin works. Do you remember the technology stock bubble of early ? Until the technology bubble burst, people were euphoric about the pioneers of the fledgling Internet in the s, and figured the gains in technology stocks would never end.

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Analysts have struggled to identify one single catalyst. However, crypto-fans have weighed in with competing theories on its sudden rise, which run the gamut from compelling to wildly far-fetched. Here are five reasons for the rise, according to Reddit users:. Investors may have bought up Bitcoin to hedge their exposure to conventional assets. Fidelity, one of the world's largest asset managers, will begin buying and selling bitcoin for its institutional customers in the next few weeks, according to Bloomberg.

what is causing the recent boom in bitcoin

2. Mainstream appeal

Roberts, 28, has a lot of company. After the latest round of big price drops, many cryptocurrencies have given back all of the enormous gains they experienced last winter. The virtual currency markets have been through booms and busts before — and recovered to boom.

It is hard to know how many cryptocurrency investors are now in the red, with holdings worth less than the money they put in. Many who have lost money in recent months had gotten into the markets before the big run-up last year, and their holdings are still worth more than their initial investments.

But by many metrics, more people put cauaing into virtual currencies last fall and winter than in revent of the preceding nine or so years. Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency brokerage in the United States, doubled its number of customers between October and March.

The start-up Square began allowing the users of its mobile app, Square Cash, to buy Bitcoin last November. Almost all of the new customers on Coinbase and Square would be in the red if they bought cryptocurrencies at book any point over the last nine months and held on to. The damage is likely to be particularly bad in places like South Korea and Japan, where bitcoim was minimal cryptocurrency activity before last year, and where ordinary investors with little expertise jumped in with abandon.

The offices of one big exchange, Coinone, had just one customer walk in during a two-hour period in the middle of the day last week. Her investments are now down about 90 percent. He said he now felt that he had wasted 10 months of his life trying to play the markets.

So just wbat is cryptocurrency, and how does it work? Instead, these currencies operate in iin completely decentralized system that uses so-called blockchain technology to track transactions. Say that Alice wants to buy a bike from Dan using Bitcoin, her cryptocurrency of choice. Alice begins by logging into her Bitcoin wallet with a private key, a unique combination of letters and numbers. With a traditional financial transaction, the exchanges get sent to banks on each side who record the money being subtracted ghe one account and added to.

But remember, in this scenario, there are no banks or middlemen. Every bictoin minutes, the newest block of wht is added on, or chained, to all the previous blocks. And bitccoin they solve it first, their record of the block of transactions becomes the official record.

This entire process is known as mining. The fact that many computers are competing to verify a block ensures that no single computer can monopolize the Bitcoin market. To ensure the competition stays fair and evenly timed, hwat puzzle becomes harder when more computers join in.

The Learn more here protocol says mining will continue until there are 21 million Bitcoins in existence. Herman said. Much of the anger that investors feel is toward the smaller virtual currencies, or alt coins, that entrepreneurs sold in so-called initial coin offerings.

These coins were supposed to serve as payment mechanisms for new software the entrepreneurs were building. But almost none of these companies have delivered the software they promised, leaving the tokens bictoin, except as speculative assets. Several coins have bitclin exposed as outright scams. Bitcoin has generally held on better with investors. It is down about 70 percent from all-time highs, rather than the percent losses that lesser-known digital tokens have suffered.

But it, too, has what is causing the recent boom in bitcoin to win much use beyond speculative investments. Despite this pessimism, the social networks where cryptocurrency fanatics gather to trade information are full of people talking about their intention to hold on to their coins, in the hope that they will recover once the technology has time to catch up with the hype. At their lowest point, his holdings dropped almost 70 percent in value.

But Mr. Yoo is still a big believer in the idea that these tokens can provide bitfoin new way to transact online, without the big corporate middlemen we rely on today. Many of the groups that raised money last year are still working on the products they promised, with lots of serious engineers drawn to the projects.

Yoo said. With prices causign so much, he said he was actually looking to put more money into the markets. That bull market was followed by a crash in which the price of Bitcoin dropped more than 80 percent. But after a long fallow period, the price recovered. Just broke down and cried. But for now he has stopped trading and is looking for another job. Roberts said.

Baffled by Bitcoin? How Cryptocurrency Works

An unverified document circulating on social media adds to cryptocurrency market collapse. UK Edition. Chuka Ummuna. Shape Created with Sketch. Select All. Key Points. Team or Enterprise. Jeremy Corbyn. Tech culture. IO Nxt Steem Tezos. This is because cryptocurrencies take away power from the state. Views Read Edit View history. Bitcoin millionaire jumps off balcony after being threatened with shot. Pay based on use. The period immediately before the crash, Bitcoin price reached its peak, and plunged about 46 percent, though it recovered quickly to 17, US dollars on 6 January on Bitfinex. List of banking crises List of economic crises List of sovereign debt crises List of stock market crashes and bear markets. Create a commenting name to join the debate Submit.

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