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what is a better investment than bitcoin

My idea for this post came from a discussion I was having earlier this month with a group of friends. So, with my response to the guys in the books, it is time to look forward to the New Year with optimism about certain slices of the investment markets, even if I am not very optimistic about the prospects for the broad stock and bond markets themselves.

Thanks for reading in , have a most joyous and safe New Year, and be careful not to let the egg nog trick you into speculating on Bitcoin. At the risk of making a really poor pun, these speculators are partying like its Good for them. But I am not buying it, literally. I am not going to tell you what to invest in, certainly not within the boundaries of this column. As always, whatever an investor does with their money should be based on their own unique objectives for whatever wealth they have accumulated.

Big shots can be taken…but preferably with small amounts of money relative to your total. Otherwise, its pure speculation, and despite the increasingly apparent benefits of blockchain technology, anyone who takes money they cannot afford to lose and invests it in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, they have only themselves to blame.

Because just as 1 high school athlete out of hundreds or thousands makes it to the pros, there will be more horror stories than success stories when people mortgage their home to buy invisible money, invest in companies simply because they changed their names to sound like they are crypto-businesses, and other insane stories my team and I keep seeing reported.

Sure, these may not perform as well and Martians may attack us , but I am all about the sleep at night factor. To be clear, this is a relative statement ETFs versus crypto-currencies. I am not recommending these ETFs because nothing in this column should ever be considered a recommendation. How did seven middle-aged guys end up talking about Bitcoin? Because these days, everyone seems to be no, I did not bring it up. Well, that suggestion went nowhere, except that Derek then suggested that I come up with an investment that I thought would survive better than Bitcoin.

I chose these from the list of I track daily. Keep in mind that Bitcoin could very well surge in price during the year. But like many manias of the past, while there is a core value in building blockchain infrastructure to process the online payment superhighway of the future, Bitcoin and its Crypto-brethren are unlikely to see their prices continue to grow to the sky, any more than a beanstalk can.

Hey, did you see what I did there — Jack and his Bitcoin beanstalk? I am an investment strategist and portfolio manager for high net worth families with over 30 years of industry experience. A thought-leader, book author and founder of. Rob Isbitts. A thought-leader, book author and founder of Read More.

what is a better investment than bitcoin

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In the last year, many of bitcoin's would-be competitors have stolen market share from bitcoinwith the trend unlikely to change in As part of a continuing series, we will compare bitcoin with the coins that are seeking to displace bitcoin as king of the hill. In this article, we will be looking at X. The first programmable altcoin, Ethereum sought to create an altcoin where the developer can determine the use of the blockchain and create an ecosystem suitable to his or her needs without needing to rely on the limits in data transcribing and third-party access that bitcoin offers. Bktcoin differences have made Ethereum the preferred altcoin of the fintech world. An increasing number of companies are building applications to utilize Ethereum's whzt plasticity, making the blockchain's future usefulness obvious.


Investors continue to dive into cryptocurrencies, either to experiment with the new technology or at least hunt for massive returns. But all that money would probably be better off bltcoin.

Similarly, neobank Chime found that millennials invested in cryptocurrency at four times the rate than stock investments in bettet However, before you buy, here are some other ways you might consider spending the money. If the money you are putting into cryptocurrency is discretionary, the best alternative would be to give it to your future self by increasing bbetter contributions to a k.

By the way, there bitciin a good chance your friends are doing this. Is your safety net strong enough? Chances are it could be better. Before you buy cryptocurrency, make sure your emergency savings are solid. Use online tools like those offered by Bankrate to find the best rate.

With experts expecting the Federal Reserve to increase the federal funds rate again as soon as Marchrates on savings accounts should increase. If you struggle with committing to saving money, there are several apps designed to help you achieve your goals.

Develop a strategy for paying off high-interest balances and commit to your plan. If your credit card debt is spread what is a better investment than bitcoin over several cards, be most aggressive in paying off the one with the highest interest rate. If your credit score is good enough, you might also consider combining various credit card balances into one debt consolidation loan with a lower fixed rate.

Such loans often have origination fees, so Woroch says to pay attention. Wuat you go this route, be committed to ending the cycle of relying on bitcokn credit cards. Or maybe sign up for a course on coding that could help you snag a big promotion. Cryptocurrency investments should be part of a larger investment strategy, so you ought to look at other options. Much like savings rates, CD rates are rising. You may also like. Should you buy bitcoin? Bktcoin month CD pays a great interest rate.

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