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what happened to family invests all in bitcoin

He has sold the stuff on Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay, for 40 euros. The year-old father of three was all over the news in recent months. He sold his spacious house in Venlo in the Netherlands, invested everything in bitcoin , and now lives with his family in a holiday chalet on a campsite. So far, he has doubled his money in just a few months.

He is in it for the long haul. So Taihuttu continues to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, his family is living off the sale of the remaining household effects.

Living with less is a conscious decision the Dutch family made. A year before, it became clear that the former professional football player was incurably ill. He started to think: working eighty hours a week, not spending enough time with his wife and children He decided to sell his business and travel the world for nine months with his family.

During that journey Taihuttu kept bumping into people who were into crypto trading. It was a sign for Taihuttu that the crypto-revolution is coming. He decided to go all in. Back home, Taihuttu put his house up for sale.

It took some effort to convince his wife of the radical plan, but a minimalistic lifestyle was the reason why she ultimately said yes. The family has been living in a chalet for a few months now. The cottage is on the small side, especially for the eldest daughter, who is The family has become much closer. The remarkable story of the family who sold everything for bitcoin has gone global, from the United States to Australia.

Taihuttu receives daily requests for interviews. In November, a Ukrainian TV crew visited the chalet for a news item. He receives so many requests, that Taihuttu is thinking about hiring a manager.

I just like sharing our message. That is exactly what the family was able to do in October, when they were guests at De Wereld Draait Door, one of the most popular talk shows on Dutch television.

He chose De Wereld Draait Door, because it was the only show that wanted the whole family to come. We really see this as a family adventure. The appearance on national television cemented the celebrity status the family now enjoys. They even receive fan mail. The other day, a couple of guys in a bar sent a photo to Taihuttu through Facebook Messenger. The latter is something Taihuttu hears often. He has received dozens of letters and voicemails from people all over the world, who praise the Dutch family for their bold act.

The story has struck a chord with people internationally. He has received invitations from people in Thailand, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and so on. Meet Poppy, the year-old YouTube star who has already inspired her own religion.

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Didi Taihuttu sold all of his belongings to invest in bitcoin. Now, he's living with his family on a campsite, waiting for the ultimate cryptoboom. He's happy with the family's decision to go minimalist, and he's inundated with press requests, invitations to visit, and messages from fans across the globe.

what happened to family invests all in bitcoin

Account Control Under RUFADAA

The bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers bank started the chain reaction that caused government bailouts of the banks. The situation was reminiscent of the Great Depression of It should be noted that there were some attempts to create some store value and make it independent from intermediaries or some central counterparty. In fact, Bitcoin is not the first phenomenon of its kid. On October 31st,the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto sent an email with an encryption site claiming to have invented electronic money that would establish a monetary system without the need of intermediaries government, banks, or any other institution. Gox appeared. It was the first exchange where Bitcoin could be traded for fiat aall.

Moving Upstream takes a journey with a man who bet all he owned on a decentralized cryptocurrency future

With his spouse, Naoko, a pseudonym , 42, he went to consult a financial planner. They had a great start, but soon made losses to the point of no return. The Ikeuchi family lives in a high-rise tower apartment in the Tokyo Bay area with their two daughters, one attending a second grade junior high school, the other a fifth grade elementary school, and with two cats. As of last autumn, their savings amounted to only 2. What they needed was a way to make money somehow easily. However, the price fell to a third during the crash this year. The family man panicked and repeatedly failed to recover the losses. He even picked up on FX or individual stocks and by the time he understood what was going on he realized that the 1. Due to prolonged low interest rates, deposits did not increase his savings.

what happened to family invests all in bitcoin
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