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what does the health ranger say about bitcoin

Yes, Mike came back with another uninformed bitcoin hit-piece. Did no one forward our response to his last one that made him look quite silly? In it, we easily dissected his critiques and suggested that he stick to talking about vitamins instead of finance. But his arguments are so weak and uninformed that they need to be publicly outed. This is an absurd apples to oranges comparison because bitcoin is an entirely new asset class. That Mike believes the value of bitcoin is derived from nothing but thin air, shows his lack of understanding about the way currency and money evolve.

They co opt them, monopolize them, or outlaw them. For the most part the fiat money you use every day has already become a digital entry - the central bank can create dollars without printing them, just by making entries in a computer.

This is how money is created out of thin air, willy-nilly, by decree. Mike and other critics would do well to learn exactly what a Ponzi scheme is and who really creates money out of thin air.

For that is one of the things that make bitcoin attractive. The capital committed to these projects have a real opportunity cost. The technological application that underlies them have real benefits.

In the Schumpeterian sense of creative destruction, the blockchain, like the internet was, is disruptive and destructive.

If it is successful, it will create an entirely new paradigm in money and banking that has the potential to end all wars, government, and central banks. Or, from Mr. Vitamins economic analysis… unicorn farts? As already pointed out, historically money emerges spontaneously, it arises like language, bottom up, through exchanges. When Ludwig von Mises defined sound money, he said specifically it just meant that the government buds out of it, that no one institution has the ability to control its supply.

As we have mentioned numerous times, short of turning off the internet everywhere on Earth with an EMP, bitcoin cannot be stopped. How can it be both? Wait… big surprise! Why in the world is he making a fool of himself talking about things he knows nothing about? He is free to say what he wants. Along with all the good the internet brings it also brings the bad, and that is the thing about the market.

Bring it all on and let people learn to separate the wheat from the chaff rather than tell them to rely on the authorities to make sure no bad gets on it. Fools will be fools and history and the market will put them in their proper perspective.

Our readers are no fools. We are not Luddites, afraid of embracing technological solutions to the corruption created by government or the innovations that bring wealth. Hopefully, for his customers, he does a lot more research on the stuff he apparently has some credibility about.

But his analysis of bitcoin is a bad sign. So beware. As Mike said himself, someday in the distant future, bitcoin mining will cease after all 21 million have been mined.

Indeed, it gets even worse. Consider where in one article written by Mike 3 days ago he states:. The mining algorithm allows no more than 21 million coins to exist.

In the last 24 hours, 1, Bitcoins were successfully mined. This is equivalent to approximately , Bitcoins in a year, accounting for parallel increases in computational difficulty and enhancements in ASIC mining rigs that carry out hashing calculations more efficiently. The math can easily be done if one is aware of the fact that miners will receive half of the bitcoin reward they get for solving each block every four years.

According to math and knowledge that there are 32 halving events, in , the block reward will yield 0. That's 42 satoshis. Finally, even when the last bitcoin is created in about years, bitcoin can still continue on. The business model would change. It is currently working its way through those just like it has since its creation in Really, Mike, stick to vitamins.

I guarantee you, The Dollar Vigilante will not be doing exposes on vitamins at any time in the foreseeable future. We love to hear what you have to say about them… because you know about vitamins!

So, why not leave that up to us? Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Mike needs to stick to what he does best - Health Industry!

Everything Bitcoin we go to the Man dollarvigilante. Again the bitcoin bashing. Well another tool just like james woods and these other suckers. Don't they get bored of this? I too follow the Health Ranger's info on all things health related. I understand his concern about bitcoin, but don't think they'll be any more of an issue than with dollars.

Money is an idea backed by confidence. It has value so long as it holds confidence. Value is subjective. Money could literally be anything we agree upon. So long as we're confident we can use it to exchange for goods and services.

Dollars are just as digital as bitcoin, except the Fed can continue to inflate them to oblivion, as the history of hyperinflation shows. There's still only a small percentage of the world's population getting into bitcoin, which means the price discovery is still ongoing.

Which means it will continue to rise, swing past it's eventual "real value" and then back down, and then back up, etc, etc, etc, until it settles around its "real value" range. The simple truth is that no one knows what's bitcoin going to look like in the future, especially not Mike We on the other hand have very good vibes about it :. I keep everything in Steem, years ago I had everything in Bitcoin.

Uninformed indeed. Sucks for him. I heard and did not get down with all the BTC bashing He still on for my best truther rap video though. Vaccine Zombie Like Jeff was basically saying, he can stay in his lane here.

Mike Adams is knowledgeable in many things, however I also thought he was out of his element with the bitcoin declaration. Nice take.. I just wrote something at the same time as you. A bit more technical:. Adams goes on to cast some due criticism at the current fees on the Bitcoin network. He calls this "mathematical" evidence that selling Bitcoin in times of high trading volume will be hard.

While I don't want to gloss over the nuggets of truth Adams is touching on, this is written with a very clear motive in mind. Yes blocks can be full, yes you might not have as high a priority as transactions paying a higher fee - this is by design. Bitcoin can still handle 3 transactions per second. How would Bitcoin handle an event where everyone wanted to cash out into another currency? Just like any other currency would deal with massive dumping. Do you think your getting all those USD you have in your bank when the economy collapses?

There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin. All of those Bitcoin will be mined out in about seven years due to the block reward halving. I mean that is just simply sound investment advice. What Adams asserts is possible, none of it is likely. These are two excerpts from my bit by bit run through Adams' piece. I do not like poor Bitcoin journalism. Jeff, thanks for showing us this pit of ignorance. Mike does great work in his area of knowledge.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you because you have saved my life. Your courage in being open to the depression you have been in and your rise back to health has been my beacon in the night. I am feeling better than I have since I was a teenager.

I am 43 and was ready to give up. I just wanted life to be over and I was never that way when i was younger. The last 15 years have been hell. So a heart felt thank you goes out to you.

what does the health ranger say about bitcoin

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A lot of things are being said a bout Bitcoin. What is the essence of this phenomenon? What sets it apart from the other cryptocurrencies? Why are various governments less than fond of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a currency that no government can control. You can make a payment to any person anywhere in the world, and no one can stop it. Bitcoin, like gold, is not subject to inflation. The total number of bitcoins that can be mined is known in advance. Some percent of this volume has already been mined, percent has already been lost, but the rest is in circulation. Therefore, I expect that the popularity of Bitcoin will only grow further.

what does the health ranger say about bitcoin

Is Bitcoin being manipulated by rogue investors and other shady players to crash it?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, puts it bluntly. But that poses a bigger problem. Bitcoin is a bubble and it will burst at some point, leaving those who took out mortgages to invest in dire straights.

Nobody knows the day that people panic. Nobody knows the day that this thing turns…the day that the mob turns against bitcoin is the day that everybody loses.

You should be buying, like, survival supplies quite frankly. Get a medical blowout kit. Http://trackmyurl.biz/whats-the-cheapest-way-to-buy-bitcoin-5089.html yourself a good knife, some cordage…you should be gearing.

But if you have gear, that gear will be yours for life. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

Their makin a list Their checkin it twice Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice Federal Claws is comin to town. They see you when your sleeping They see when your awake They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake. You better not pout You better not cry Just do what your told and never abojt why Federal Claws is comin to town. Oh you better not pout You better not cry Think of fighting back you better not try Federal Claws is comin to town.

With facial recognition And cell phone spying too A database as big as hell Has all the dirt on you. Oh you better not speak You better not type Orwell was completely right Federal Claws is comin to town…. Thanks, I made some of your peach cobbler! Jealth man! That stuff is gooood! But it turned out great, thanks for the recipe. Even a genius knows how to choose or chose lose, loose and two or too or to or potatoE. They are in vitcoin possession, and I can protect. And who will buy them in a bitcoon collapse?

Good luck! Genius — good. I hope so. Darwinian selection at its finest is direly needed. Anyone wgat thinks Bitcoin is a reality is self-deluded. Digi-geeks thinking they are creating something of real world value out of code.

Or more accurately, bitches fooled you into thinking they exist. Pure liquidity does have a purpose — to move — not as a solid, long term store of wealth. History repeating itself??? Wrong. It was the Hunt brothers, and the reason ended up taking a bath on silver was government interference in what was then a much more true and pure free market than what we have today.

You do make an interesting comparison. I personally believe Bitcoin is more likely to fall off a cliff than rocket to the moon. It simply is not consistent with the bedrock principles of a true and pure free tne. You can not move money, wealth or capital quickly and efficiently with it. Nor can you move money, wealth or capital where it needs to go to get the job done without the names of the parties in the transaction attached to it.

Even worse, once said money, wealth or capital gets to where it needs to go, it is not exactly freely convertible from Bitcoin into any other currency, gold or silver. Bitcoin is where it is simply because there are people out there looking to get out of dollar denominated fiyat any way they can, at any price. It makes more doew to mortgage the house to buy gold or silver.

Even if you get booted out the door for default, you still have hard assets to acquire physical assets to reconstitute. The irony in your comparison is that silver is more likely to go to the moon than Bitcoin. I caught a podcast that spelled out the production ratings for physical silver. Mexico mines m to m ounces per year, versus 35m to 40m ounces mined by the US. Mexico does not produce a lot of its own coinage because it needs to export the silver for fiyat dollars to pay its dollar denominated bills.

The US mints between 40m and 48m silver eagles per year, meaning the US does not mine enough silver to cover its eagles and needs to import. What happens when the dollar is no longer the global exchange currency?

Mexico is no longer forced to take them for its silver, which would create a major shortage in the US and cause prices to go much higher and stay that way. I do wonder though if he is related to the Rump Ranger. Crypto currencies are here to stay and a few will become standards for. The content on this site is provided as general information. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author s and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author s.

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BITCOIN CRASHING: The Health Ranger was right!

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There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin. The company's petrochemicals plants produce products including PTA, paraxylene, and acetic acid. In Arctic temperatures, it does not degrade at all. I just wanted life to be over and I was never that way when i was younger. On doe plus side, it means more bitcoin for us to buy while the idiots stay away. Uninformed sy. Everything Bitcoin we go to the Man dollarvigilante. Bitcoin's backing is in the security and proof-of-work that it provides. How can it be both? Just because we are in a Bitcoin bubble and a period of unsustainable growth maybe doesn't mean real growth wasn't warranted. Political influence [ ] Release of Lockerbie bomber [ fhe BP lobbied the British government to conclude a prisoner-transfer agreement which the Libyan government had wanted to secure the release of, the only person convicted for the over Scotland, which killed people. The deputy assistant secretary of labour at OSHA, said 'The only thing you can conclude is that BP has a serious, systemic safety problem in their company. He called for adequate resources to fight what he sees thr a major world threat to possibly billions of lives.

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