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what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin

All rights reserved. That said, I believe the current juncture offers a shrewd opportunity to consider alternative cryptocurrencies to buy. Undoubtedly, much of the volatility results from weak-hands unnecessarily panicking off perceived negative news. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the curious uproar over a relatively small South Korean exchange that cybercriminals hacked. I argued then that the central issue was not the integrity of the blockchain economy, but rather, a cyber attack not unlike what happened to Equifax Inc.

Just recently, the Justice Department announced a major crackdown on dark-net criminals , seizing contraband and bitcoin. The implication, of course, was that bitcoin is nothing more than an off-the-books channel for illicit activities.

Another possible factor that sets-up a contrarian case for cryptocurrencies to buy is the World Cup. Although speculative, I find it interesting that since the tournament opener on June 14, bitcoin volume has slipped. Also note that Japan is one of, if not the biggest , hub for bitcoin, and its team squeaked through to the elimination rounds. If you love bitcoin, great. But this is an ideal time to strike on other cryptocurrencies to buy. Several crypto insiders often state that ethereum will one day, perhaps soon, overtake bitcoin.

They cite that the ethereum blockchain platform covers a broad range of practical functions that go beyond facilitating payment transactions. This move distinguishes ethereum from bitcoin, which utilizes a proof-of-work system. Essentially, anybody that purchases the best computing devices can potentially achieve significant mining success.

If miners refuse to follow consensus rules, and act maliciously towards the ethereum network, their tokens risk administrative seizure. Proof-of-stake proves that not all cryptocurrencies to buy are the same. Different networks and communities have different solutions for similar problems.

Of course, that was the forgotten past. Now, with bitcoin priced at four-digits, and probably back up to five-digits in the near future, litecoin is what I consider one of the practical cryptocurrencies to buy. For starters, we have its lower price point. From a mathematical perspective, its easier to break down what things cost in litecoin as opposed to bitcoin.

When bitcoin first started to gain some public engagement, the platform was a joy to use. Not only could you buy stuff with it provided you could find businesses accepting the reward token , you could also pay people with it. At that time, transactions were anonymous, if only for the fact relatively few knew that bitcoin existed.

But as the original crypto grew in worldwide popularity and acceptance, bitcoin became a victim of its own success. Several years ago, transactions could occur in a reasonably short timeframe.

Today, the network is so bogged down that some platforms offer faster transactional prioritization, for a fee. Proponents realized that something had to be changed, but in the blockchain, such change requires consensus.

Long story short, those who desired a faster bitcoin that could accommodate present demand decided to produce an offshoot cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cash is controversial to bitcoin-hardliners yes, such people do exist!

Currently ranked fifth among all cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, EOS has been on a roll despite the broader market volatility. As it stands, EOS is worth more than the vaunted litecoin. Litecoin existed well before the altcoin emergence.

But that could change, and possibly soon. Crypto community boards have circulated rumors that Coinbase will list EOS on its wallet and exchange services.

If Coinbase picks up EOS, though, it opens the altcoin to millions of prospective buyers. But the bull in me thinks it might be worth a calculated shot. If you thought that bitcoin cash was controversial, you should see the message boards and daily infighting over XRP. As you might imagine, several crypto advocates take a dim view on this reasoning. They view XRP as a cop-out, and ad hominem aside, they raise a strong technical perspective.

Unlike the majority of cryptocurrencies to buy, XRP is based off a centralized blockchain network. This means that a centralized administrator oversees the operation of the Ripple blockchain. The critics point out that it defeats the original purpose of bitcoin and the blockchain, which is to decentralize authority.

According to these folks, what Ripple the organization is doing is providing the banking establishment with a more effective way of screwing over the little guy. Over the last several months, XRP steadily climbed the ranks of most valuable cryptocurrencies to buy. As of this of writing, just under 1, cryptocurrencies trade hands across various international exchanges. Moreover, this figure is sure to rise as new ICOs flood the blockchain economy. In late May, I featured digibyte as one of my top 20 cryptocurrencies to buy.

Not only do they have a slick, professional website, the programmers explain their project in human terms. And what makes digibyte tick? Simply, that with their advanced blockchain platform, they can facilitate lightning-quick transactions with unprecedented security. Eventually, the team aims to replace traditional payment-processing services. Prior to my write-up, digibyte was floating around at 58 th place. My last blockchain token on my cryptocurrencies to buy list is NEO.

Could NEO do the same for anyone who doubts it? Like the previously mentioned altcoin, NEO offers multiple, practical functionality, making the platform attractive to businesses. But another reason is geopolitics. As you know, U.

Accusations that China was stealing American intellectual property sparked the tariffs. If so, NEO could benefit from a nationalistic surge. As of this writing, Josh Enomoto is long bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, XRP and digibyte.

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what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin

XRP a ‘security’ issue

National Council on Aging. IT executive, thought leader bitcoinn contributing writer with a passion for innovative technologies. Trust is the fundamental element in business transactions. It is what keeps economies and societies functioning. Throughout history, we have managed to build complex institutions from legislative, judicial, law to banks and various cryptocurfency institutions to enable trust in commercial transactions. We also invented tools such as fiat money, bonds, stocks and contracts to guarantee the successful execution of business transactions.

Ethereum’s superior offerings

While Bitcoin has dominated the headlines, Ethereum has posted even crazier returns, with a rise in value of almost percent. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures will be available butcoin Wall Street in ,likely bringing an even greater surge in value.

The next year will see both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures traded on Wall Street. Many predict that this will attract even more investment into the cryptocurrency sphere and push values up even higher.

But even the most optimistic cryptocurrency investors are cautious, as a substantial downswing could follow a surge in value. The central question that most long-term cryptocurrency watchers are asking is whether that downswing will represent the bursting of a bubble cryptocurrfncy a momentary dip before reaching new all-time highs. When times are good, and prices are shooting skyward, everybody looks like a genius and every innovation seems revolutionary. Until the bull run ends, nobody can be sure whether what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are worth what people are paying for.

If you want to make an bitcoiin guess on what the future holds for Bitcoin and Ethereum, you what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin to understand their past and purpose. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous entity using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in The original intention was to use blockchain distributed ledger technology to create a cryptocuerency currency that was beyond the control of central governments.

Gox debacle sent Bitcoin into a four-year depression. Alongside the dark web activity, bars and cafes appeared in tech-savvy cities such as Tokyo and Berlin which accepted payment in Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin community widely rejected these efforts as the innovator of cryptocurrency what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin found a new role. Today, many people refer to Bitcoin as digital gold.

Just like precious metals, Bitcoin has a limited supply. And so the question is no longer whether Bitcoin is a viable form of currencybut whether it has a future as a long-term store of value. Almost as soon as Bitcoin launched, imitators what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin popping up.

Early aill such as the Kanye West-referencing Coinye and the canine-themed Doge Coin were little more than Bitcoin clones with a novelty value. But the blockchain technology underpinning Bitcoin had the potential to offer so much. Vitalik Buterin was a programmer and Bitcoin Magazine writer who saw the potential that Bitcoin and blockchain offered.

If only it could be made possible to program applications on top cryptocirrency Bitcoin, the possibilities were almost endless. Buterin proposed building a programming language on top of Bitcoin to make this possible. InEthereum launched. With Ethereum, Buterin had created a cryptocurrency with built-in utility value. Bitcoin works through a decentralized ledger known as the blockchain. Transactions are recorded to the blockchain, a database housed in a vast number of locations, all of them synced with one another so that no transaction anywhere is approved until recorded to the entirety of the blockchain.

Ethereum goes one step further with crypfocurrency introduction of smart contracts. The terms of an agreement are recorded on the blockchain and then executed once you meet the conditions. For example, you could agree to pay for a delivery of some products. In practice, the potential for smart contracts is almost limitless. From self-executing electricity grids to completely anonymous and incorruptible voting in elections, smart contracts take blockchain tech to cryptocurgency level that could completely revolutionize society.

But the evolution from Bitcoin to Ethereum is an interesting counterpoint to the many arguments that have been made claiming cryptocurrency is a bubble waiting to burst.

Those who see cryptocurrency as a giant bubble often point to a few well-worn examples. The first is the original bubble, 17th Century Dutch tulip mania.

During this time, the value of tulips surged in the Netherlands, causing people to buy as many tulip bulbs as possible. Tulip investors figured that the prices would continue increasing forever.

At the height of the craze, a single tulip was worth more than a house. Of course, the tulips had no utility value and were only worth something while people believed their value would increase.

As soon as the price started to dip, it crashed completely. Tulip mania wnat a few millionaires and then scores of destitute late investors. Just like cryptocurrencypeople saw the internet as a revolutionary new technology that would change almost every aspect of daily life.

As for the dot-com bubble, it could be true that both these cryptocurrencies have come along before the world is indeed ready for. An excellent example of the original dot-com bubble is Webvan. Webvan offered grocery deliveries through its website. While this idea was apparently a good one, it came too soon to be successful. Today, every major supermarket provides online deliveries. Another similar example comes from social media. That seemed like a forward-thinking piece of business at the time, but history has proved it to be a catastrophically wrong decision.

Myspace promptly became a graveyard of abandoned profile pages as users fled to a new and improved social media what cryptocurrency will overtake bitcoin.

Or are they both about to be usurped be an entirely new form of cryptocurrency? But if you want to make an educated guess on what the future holds for these cryptocurrencies, its essential you understand where they come. Christopher Thomas Williams is a British writer and language educator working at a university in South Korea, one of the hotspots of the crytpocurrency cryptocurrency boom.

View more posts. Ethereum: Bitcoin 2. Ethereum vs. So are Bitcoin and Ethereum part of a cryptocurrency bubble? Share Published by Christopher Thomas Williams Christopher Thomas Williams is a British writer and language educator working at a university in South Korea, one of the hotspots of the global cryptocurrency boom.

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It is important to note that Kraken has all the pairs from the list. Each transaction on Monero's blockchain generates a one-time spend key known as a stealth address that allows only the recipient to detect and spend those funds. At that time, transactions were anonymous, if only for the fact relatively few knew that bitcoin existed. Summary I have written this article with a huge research. Factom had initially raised 5. Bitcoin Maximalism Bitcoin maximalists favor bitcoin over other use cases and for the long term. It's free, sign up. Source few weeks ago, I mentioned the curious uproar over a relatively small South Korean exchange that cybercriminals hacked.

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