trading view bitcoin the end is nigh

Ticker Idee di trading Idee formative Script Persone. Bitcoin's first moon trip is about to hit target Fib 1. Seeing price climb a measly 2. Alts are fairing much better this time around. I do not anticipate price to hold above the target. This rocket is done for The best is yet to come for Bitcoin.

They are stated in this chart below. Jul We can see that price is moving within the walls of a classic rising wedge bearish pattern. From my updated chart below, I have projected a trend where 'F' is the final stop for our moon trip this time. Coincidentally, this would set the price in direct contact with our target or VST 1 of my previous chart titled "Bitcoin Aims North, Period!

Commento: Price is holding up nicely in the confines of the rising wedge. When it crosses the latter, we will see a long green candle. Despite it did not play out the rising wedge as we had hoped, SMAs are stacking up nicely in the 4 hour chart. The whales can play mind games to shake off weak hands, making the trend can go down a little, move sideways, up a little and repeat Patience is key in trading and that is how good traders make huge profits while bad ones scrape bits.

Sorry I don't have a chart as I am traveling again. I will post a new chart as soon. Happy trading! Aggiungi commento. Simple moving average vs Smoothed moving average which i use vs Exponential moving average, which one do you think have greater weightage in Bitcoin analysis or any other trade analysis? Thanks for the help! BobbyTips , good question. In this sense, relying on SMAs can avoid a handful of tricks played by the whales, especially if you play margin. BobbyTips bibboyne. BobbyTips , MAs work just fine.

You should post a chart with your comment because I don't know what you are talking about. Presuming 4 hour chart since that's what you posted last? Etch , 4hr, correct. Target unchanged. So nice detailed great! Turningmecard , true but let's get to F first. Fingers crossed. That could be a nice support area. If we just sit on that resistance. If so, you original bullish view may suffice. Not to the moon, but until we retest the bottom again. Like your work in btw.

Jitsutrader1 , yes, that is entirely possible but it is an uphill battle from here and RSI is almost in the oversold region in the 4hr. We will need to see the price action. Per le aziende. Su di noi. Realizzato con il. Dagli autori di MultiCharts. Questo sito utilizza i cookies per fornire la migliore esperienza utente possibile. Per capire come funzionano e come poterli controllare, leggi la nostra Politica sui cookies.

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trading view bitcoin the end is nigh

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If you cut the information inside computers into smaller pieces, you will find 1s and 0s. These are called bits. You already know about coins. Bitcoins are just the plural of Bitcoin. They are coins stored in computers. They are not physical and only exist in the digital world!

Trend Analysis Chart Patterns. In yesterday's post "The End is Nigh for Bitcoin" I said the battle will play out this weekend between the bears and the bulls. Well, the skirmish started Friday evening with a huge bull spike that turned into another Bart haircut. This morning I woke up early after smelling beef roasting on the barbecue. After wiping the sleep from my eyes, I saw the bears were grilling steaks on the barbecue for breakfast. It wasn't a pretty site for those who were long The whale must be a Simpsons fan because Bart's head is drawn throughout this battle of supremacy between the bulls and the bears. I redrew yesterday's chart for 30 minutes so the price manipulation is more apparent. The whale uses large volume spikes for 2. This is used to trigger stop losses by shaking loose BTC from the weak hands.

trading view bitcoin the end is nigh

The End is Nigh for Bitcoin: Part 3. We all want to know which direction is Bitcoin headed. Up or down? We could flip a coin and take a chance, or we could read the chart.

We will soon have our answer in a day or two which direction BTC is headed. When I looked at the 4 Hour chart today, an interesting pattern emerged. These July dumps we've been having are incredibly symmetrical. Pattern 1 Forms an ellipse, with the price bottom at the midpoint of the ellipse.

The price recovers to just below where it started. Notice the "W" pattern inside the ellipse. When the price reaches the same height as the left side of the ellipse, it dumps and eventually forms the top of the next ellipse. Pattern 2 This ellipse is almost identical to the. It even has the same "W" pattern inside of the ellipse. Read article again the bottom of the dump is in the middle of the ellipse.

When the right side of the ellipse rises to equal the left side, it dumps to form the 3rd ellipse. Pattern 3 This ellipse is slightly different on 2 points. The bottom of the dump is not in the center of the ellipse, and there is not much of a "W" pattern if any inside of the ellipse.

The right side of the ellipse now equals the left. Will it dump from here? Notice the ellipses are getting smaller and it reminds me of the Russian Matryoshka dolls where one fits inside of the. The dumps are not as extreme as the prior dump. The bottom of the 3rd ellipse is the same price as the 2nd ellipse.

Another coincidence. The red trend line that started in late April, acted as support for the bottom of the 2nd ellipse and also prior to the formation of the 3rd ellipse. It now appears to act as support when the price exited the 3rd ellipse. But will this support last?

Or will it turn into resistance? We have 2 directions to go. Bullish Trend? If the red trend line continues to act as support, then the price will break out of this pitchfork downtrend that it has been in since early July.

If the price falls below the red trend lineor the EMAor the blue 60 EMA then the price has turned bearish. Bearish Trend? If the price falls below the red trend line and the blue 60 EMAthen we are headed down to the strong support zone around The only way to avoid this support zone is click the following article get back above the 60 EMA.

This 60 EMA is quite powerful in that the price has been under it for most of July. Only when the price moved above the 60 EMA are we given a glimmer of hope that the bull trend is. So there you have it. On the 4 hour chart the red trend line and the 2 EMA's will determine whether BTC has turned bullish or is headed down to Don't forget to hit the Like button before you leave.

Is 10k the new 6k? Bitcoin is being wound up for a breakout. Will it fly or crash? BTC did not crash today. It landed! Post Comment. Excellent analysis and one of the most impartial I have seen! Thanks for sharing. I like your ideas. I believe the bearish narrative indicating a move toward For Business. Made. From the creators of MultiCharts. Got it.

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In the long run this will be a good thing because most exchanges are as crooked as a dog's hind leg as my granddad used to say. BobbyTips bibboyne. Comment: WTF man. Jul Daily crypto hate: Crypto hater back to spread FUD. Alts are fairing much better this time. Papouin our dream but more likely. The altcoin market needs to thrive, its the sole reason for all of this, and as it does and profits are realized in bitcoinit will add further sell pressure. Is 10k the new 6k? On the 4 hour chart the red trend line and the 2 EMA's will determine whether BTC has turned bullish or is headed down to I eventually got stopped out late this afternoon when the price rose and hit my stop exactly, down to the penny, then reversed direction. Yes you can manipulate many coins and many stocks, I've seen it done, but the volume to do it in this market right now is just tin foiled talk.

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