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With last week's price move we updated this article to make sure you take advantage of this price action. There are tons of cryptocurrency trading strategies that promise to make you rich.

That is the reason why we have put together the best Bitcoin trading strategy PDF. We also have a complete strategy article with a list of all of the best trading strategies we have created. The truth is that bitcoin is the hottest trading market right now.

It is hotter than stock trading, oil trading , gold trading and any other market at this point. The reason people believe this is going to continue to be a hot market is because of blockchain technology. This is what allows transactions to happen without a central exchange. Here is another strategy on how to draw trend lines with fractals. Trading bitcoin for profit is actually a universal cryptocurrency trading strategy. It can be used to trade any of the plus cryptocurrencies available to trade as of today.

The first thing you need to get started trading bitcoin is to open a bitcoin wallet. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet then you can open one at the biggest wallet called Coinbase.

Bitcoin traders are actively seeking the best possible solutions for trading and investing in bitcoin. We have some of the best methods explained right here in this article.

We have learned this bitcoin wisdom by trial and error and we are going to show you what is working right now. The methods we teach are not dependent on the price of bitcoin.

They can be used whether bitcoin is going up or going down. Keep in mind that it is possible to lose money. Your capital is at risk while trading cryptocurrency because it is still trading at the end of the day. We always recommend that you demo trade before risking any live money.

Also, read the trading volume guide. These bitcoin strategies can also be used for trading bitcoin cash as well as other cryptocurrencies. In fact, you can use this as a trade guide for any type of trading instrument.

Blockchain technology is a big step forward for how to access information. Many companies are starting to develop applications to use Blockchain in their favor.

Remember that when trading digital currency, it may seem like it's not a real currency. But it actually is real. This is not some Ponzi scheme.

You must do your technical analysis just as if you were going to day trade any other instruments. You can also read our best Gann Fan trading strategy. One of the reasons why Bitcoin is so popular among day traders is that there are many different Bitcoin exchanges available. Finding the best Bitcoin exchange will depend on many different factors.

These include your home country, the preferred method of payment, fees, limits, liquidity needs, and other factors. Here are some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market:.

A cryptocurrency is really no different than the money you have in your wallet. They have no intrinsic value. And cryptocurrency is just bits of data while real money is just pieces of paper. Unlike fiat money, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have no central bank that controls them.

This means that cryptocurrencies can be sent directly from user to user without any credit cards or banks acting as the intermediary. When you print lots of money, inflation goes up which makes the currency value going down. There is a limited amount of Bitcoins. This holds true for the majority of the other cryptocurrencies. We will use our best Bitcoin trading strategy.

We also have training for the best short-term trading strategy. While long term traders prefer to hold their bitcoin positions for extended periods of time, day traders have discovered that Bitcoin is lucrative for many reasons:. Because Bitcoin is more volatile than other tradeable assets, there will be a high number of profitable trading opportunities occurring each day.

Like ordinary currencies, using technical indicators will make it easier to tell when price increases are likely to occur. Volume, relative strength, oscillators, and moving averages can all be applied to Bitcoin day trading. It is important to pay attention to technical indicators and developing trends.

In this next step, we will talk about OBV trading and how to get started buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This is a cryptocurrency trading strategy that can be used trading all the important cryptocurrencies. Before we move forward, we must define the mysterious technical indicator.

You'll need this for the best Bitcoin trading strategy and how to use it:. It is used to basically analyze the total money flow in an out of an instrument. The OVB uses a combination of volume and price activity.

This tells you the total amount of money going in and out of the market. How to read the information from the OBV indicator is quite simple. Here you can learn how to profit from trading. In theory, if Bitcoin is trading up and at the same time the OBV was trading down, this is an indication that people are selling into this rally. The same is true in reverse if Bitcoin was trading down and at the same time the OBV was trading up.

What we really want to see is the OBV moving in the same direction as the Bitcoin price. In this regard, our team at Trading Strategy Guides uses the OBV indicator with other supporting evidence to sustain our trades and gain more confirmation. The next step comes from the Ethereum trading strategy which will be used to identify Bitcoin trades.

Now, before we go any further, we always recommend taking a piece of paper and a pen and note down the rules of the best Bitcoin trading strategy.

Your chart setup should basically have 3 windows. One for the Bitcoin chart and the second one for the Ethereum chart. Last but not least, make one window for the OVB indicator. If you followed our cryptocurrency trading strategy guidelines, your chart should look the same as in the figure above. Simply put, we are going to look after price divergence between Bitcoin price and Ethereum.

Smart money divergence happens when one cryptocurrency fails to confirm the action of the other cryptocurrency. For example, if Ethereum price breaks above an important resistance or a swing high and Bitcoin fails to do the same, we have smart money divergence.

And the Ethereum trading strategy as well. In the above figure, we can notice that Bitcoin's price fails to break above resistance while Ethereum's price broke above and made a new high. This is the first sign that the best Bitcoin trading strategy is about to signal a trade.

The same principles have been true for all the other major asset classes for decades. Before buying, we need confirmation from the OBV indicator. This brings us to the next step of the best Bitcoin trading strategy. If Bitcoin is lagging behind the Ethereum price it means that sooner or later Bitcoin should follow Ethereum and break above the resistance. Simply put, the OBV is a remarkable technical indicator. It can show us if the real money is really buying Bitcoin or if they are selling.

What we want to see when Bitcoin is failing to break above a resistance level or a swing high, and the Ethereum already broke, is for the OBV to increase in the direction of the trend.

We also want it to move beyond the level it was when Bitcoin was trading previously at this resistance level see figure below. Here is how to identify the right swing to boost your profit. Now, all it remains for us to do is to place our buy limit order, which brings us to the next step of the best Bitcoin trading strategy. Once the OBV indicator gives us the green signal, all we have to do is to place a buy limit order.

Place the order at the resistance level in anticipation of the possible breakout. After all, we told you the OBV is an amazing indicator. Now, all we need to establish is where to place our protective stop loss and when to take profits for the best Bitcoin trading strategy. Placing the stop loss below the breakout candle is a smart way to trade. When it comes to our take profit, usually an OBV reading above , is an extreme reading that signals at least a pause in the trend.

This is where we want to take profits. In the figure below, you can see an actual SELL trade example, using the best Bitcoin trading strategy.

While bitcoin day trading does have some risks, there are many ways these risks can be reduced. Here are some of the top ways to enhance your Bitcoin trading strategy.

Maybe one day our fiat money system will go under and be completely replaced by cryptocurrencies. However, as long as there are still profits to be made from Forex currency trading we encourage you to read our receipt for Forex trading success: How to Make Money Trading — 2 Keys to Success. We hope that The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy — has shed some light on how you can use the same technical analysis tools that you use for trading the Forex currency market to now trade the cryptocurrencies.

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trading system for bitcoin

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Last Updated on October 25, Bitcoin Trader is an automatic trwding software created by Gary Roberts in that claims to automatically trade, buy and sell bitcoin for profit by following the market trends and executing automatic trades 0. The Bitcoin Trader app eliminates the manual process of buying and selling bitcoin on an exchange, inviting beginners to register, make an investment, and use the auto-trade functionality. In this Bitcoin Trader review, we will examine whether the software is a scam or not, and whether it really has been endorsed on popular programs such as Shark Tank ibtcoin the Dragons Den. The software is used to trade bitcoin and five other cryptocurrencies.


As I predicted! For a whole month, in almost every post, he said that the goal of Bitcoin is Therefore, still short with a target to level Try it now, it's so easy to use! Bitcoin has been consolidating downwards for the past three weeks while holding the low from the 25th of November. Here is the 4H chart: On the daily D timeframe, which is the main chart This surge seems very similar to previous President Xi's pumping so I wanted to share this fractal perspective.

trading system for bitcoin

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As I predicted! For a whole month, in almost every post, he said that the goal of Bitcoin is Therefore, still short with a target to level Try it now, it's so easy to use!

Bitcoin has been consolidating downwards for the past three weeks while holding the low from the 25th of November. Here is the 4H chart: On the daily D timeframe, which is the main chart This surge seems very similar to bitciin President Xi's traxing so I wanted to share this fractal perspective.

Check point trading system for bitcoin. The price even went below and I posted this fractal a week ago because the movements were very similar. Showing similar steps that are being taken to dump systtem market. There are so many theories going around past 2 years because people only complain when things go fro, just like in world economy now and stock Takeaway for Investors: Dollar cost averaging during the coming weeks has great risk-reward setups.

Takeaway for Traders: The true bottom is closing up, and once we turn to the bull side, price will move quickly. Be ready when that break-out happens and execute with determination. Currently, on RSI chart we can see something which pretends to look like a convergence, but the second low point is located slightly below the first one.

Despite it is a very weak bullish sign, but. Moreover, we can see a positive reaction to the support level, volumes are good And for those sellers who trading system for bitcoin to chase the price are now trapped.

Hours ago before I went to bed I updated my idea in the Chinese TradingView platform that I would only be interested if the neckline resistance on the 1hr timeframe is bifcoin my Hello traders, Today, I just wanted bigcoin quickly share trade pick for short term. BTC has collapsed and near support area as shared previously. If you would like to check important support area, please check the idea.

Sometimes it is helpful to look at the bigger picture. Especially when it comes to the price of Bitcoin BTC. It's very syatem to spot similarities and fractals on a Bitcoin chart. The whole market is mostly traded by bots that use trqding like Moving Averages to determine which side of a trade has a higher probability for success: short or long.

We are all looking Time will tell the tale. You are an early adopter! The extreme volatility seen within the cryptocurrency markets requires that traders stay informed at all times about the latest technical developments, which is why PrimeXBT offers daily updates. Hello Guys, please hit the LIKE button to support this work Btc greatly follows the downward scenario and completed all our target.

Currently we see the price was not supported and continue to decline which signals we can continue to short it. Please to support my work follow the Trading View profile Guys do not trade this idea before you make your own analysis! Hello everyone and welcome to FOBS! FOBS is a team of algorithmic traders with a focus on the cryptocurrency market, which appeared as a result of combining syztem efforts of our quants with Excavo Family analysts and Zetera Tech developers.

Today we have prepared for you a long-term This pattern has provided clear sell on Lower Highs and buy on Lower Lows trading opportunities. Even though I've done sytem comparisons of Bitcoin bitcpin other traditional assets like indices, commodities and stocks see the bottom of this study sysgem ideasthe current one is more out of curiosity to see what the public sentiment is like especially hrading that BTC is on decline among cryptocurrency traders when it comes to Bubbles.

As you see on the systdm chart Videos. Last visit. Did you know that you can zoom to a specific place on the chart? Bitcoin Fractal Update, part 2. Does Bitcoin History repeat itself? Sysyem - what's next? Show More Ideas. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.

Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls this cryptocurrency and everyone can take. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment. Related Symbols. For Business. Made. From the creators of MultiCharts. Got it.

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The goal is to trading system for bitcoin a solid NET profit monthly. Given the current bearish trend in the crypto market, it has become very hard you anyone to make money. Sorry to see you leaving. Exchange Valet also has solid communication tools. Live Trader is definitely set up for traders that want to use systtem. Where to Trade Bitcoin. And now with the very latest BTC Robot v2. Yes, it was not easy. Just go back trding Cap.

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