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KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has recently grown in popularity thanks to its large selection of cryptocurrencies available for trade, Spotlight IEOs , the KCS token and other enticing features. However, the exchange might not be suitable for all traders — perhaps you are looking to trade a token not listed on KuCoin, or would just like to try another exchange. Open KuCoin Account. In this article, we will be checking out 5 cryptocurrency exchanges that can be used as alternatives for KuCoin users.

Binance and KuCoin are similar in many ways — both exchanges list a large number of coins and require no KYC verification for customers that withdraw less than 2 BTC in a hour window. For most users, trading on KuCoin and Binance will be a very similar experience. Usually, there is also a bit more excitement about IEOs held on Binance, so that is a factor to consider as well.

Users from the United States should avoid Binance, as the exchange will no longer let U. Open Binance Account. Huobi is another solid choice that will feel familiar to KuCoin users. A unique feature of Huobi is the HB10 index, which allows traders to invest in a basket of 10 cryptocurrencies via one asset.

Open Huobi Account. Another competitor with its roots in Asia, OKEx is also among the biggest players in the cryptocurrency exchange business. In addition to a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, OKEx also offers trading of cryptocurrency futures contracts with high leverage up to x depending on the cryptocurrency. Open OKEx Account. Similarly to the exchanges mentioned so far, Bittrex lists a huge number of cryptocurrencies.

The exchange has two variants — Bittrex and Bittrex International. The former is for U. The main difference is that the Malta-based Bittrex International can list new cryptocurrencies quicker due to a friendlier regulatory climate.

Open Bittrex Account. Poloniex has recently introduced fiat currency support, making it a more attractive option for certain types of crypto traders. Otherwise, Poloniex offers a solid selection of altcoins, although it lacks in this category compared to the other exchanges listed in this article. Open Poloniex Account. As we can see, there is no shortage of competitive options when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges — platforms are constantly adding new features to entice users over to their side.

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About Binance

Here We have compiled the list of our top 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges in our own jurisdiction. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Bittrex handles are large amount of trades daily, the exchange has numerous amount of Altcoinsso users can trade all types of coins, not only bitcoin only and also Bittrex really feels like a well-developed trading platform. For instance, when BIP19 was about to be activated, bittrex posted a blog post, that really reduced panic in members mind. As of now, Trading fees are 0. Having being said these are the some of the top reasons we ranked bittrex at No. One of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges which have stayed long in the game, and was redesigned inthe site is very easy to navigate and have also added tons of features to the platform to make it a good experience for trading.

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Ever since cryptocurrency exchange Binance launched in the summer ofit had implemented its own native digital currency BNB which wasn't just an alternative to Bitcoin, but rather a utility token tailored for the exchange. By holding BNB, cryptocurrency traders who utilize the Binance platform are entitled to reduced fees, producing a baseline level of demand for the token - for Binance users, holding some BNB to enjoy the reduced fees is almost a no-brainer.

That utility revolutionized the market back binahce, and it is no surprise that it led Binance to become the number one trading platform for cryptocurrencies worldwide in a matter of a few years. So what makes BNB cooncodexcoincodex special, and which other altcoins can resemble its utility cgyptocurrency Make sure you give coincodexcoincocex space to your RAM as you'll be opening a series of tabs in order to find.

Even though it was founded much earlier than Binance, it launched its own token after BNB - the Huobi Token hit the market in early Unlike Binance, which held an ICO for early investors who could purchase BNB at a discounted price, HT was offered publicly for 30 days during its launch, giving the opportunity to big and small investors to get a piece of the pie.

Similar to BNB, the Huobi Token can be used to reduce trading fees, as a voting stake, as a security deposit to become an OTC trader on Huobi, and even as a trading pair for major digital currencies. KuCoin is a smaller crypto exchange than Binance and Huobi, although it has been climbing up in terms of trading volume recently.

KuCoin got major attention from traders due to its approach to small-cap cryptocurrencies that big exchanges such as Binance wouldn't accept for listing at that time.

The more similar a token is coincodfxcoincodex be to BNB, the more chances it's a cryptocurrency exchange utility token, although that's not always the case, as demonstrated by the Ethereum-based 0x Protocol.

The 0x Protocol is not exactly a cryptocurrency exchange, but it is a decentralized platform that allows anyone binancf some spare time homw the technical knowledge top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges similar to binance coincodexcoincodex home news to create their own Ethereum-based exchange, among other decentralized applications.

Coincodexocincodex is also being used as a reward cryptocurency for referred customers, and it has a token burning system that could have a beneficial impact on the KNC tokenomics. Unlike traditional crypto exchanges, Bancor manages to offer 0 transaction fees through its platform, which pre-defines the ordered prices utilizing a smart contract on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains.

Bancor is one of the most active autonomous decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges alongside IDEXalthough BNT has no extra uses besides being the main intermedium of trades on the Bancor Network. Ross Peili. Ross Peili is Russian-Greek hi-tech investor and entrepreneur.

He is consulting with and advising Blockchain, IoT, and Biotech projects since Parallel he is a casual author for various fintech media outlets. Download App Keep track of your holdings exchangges explore over 5, cryptocurrencies. Share this post. Total Market Cap. Never miss a story

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Let us know in the comments section. Never miss a story KuCoin Kucoin is a smaller cryptocurrency exchange, but it is similar to Binance in many ways. Kucoin is a smaller cryptocurrency exchange, but it is similar to Binance in many ways. Coincodexcoincode Global is the biggest exchange operated by Huobi Group. It's long gone. With this bijance, beginners can acquire cryptocurrency in just a few clicks. Shows ROI figures and technical analysis information.

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