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safest place to get a cryptocurrency wallet

References are made wherever possible. I take pride in informing the public and helping as many as I can through sharing my experiences with my readers. That said, no one except you can take responsibility for your investment decisions, so do think it through before investing.

If you are looking for more detail on how cryptocurrencies actually work, take our course on it. With the current merciless run of the bull market , it is only a matter of time before your crypto holdings surge in value. When it does, like it or not, crypto will unavoidably receive much-unsolicited interest from hackers. To not repeat the tragic Mt. Gox incident , holders are removing cryptocurrency from the exchange and decentralizing their storage.

The question of why you should purchase a wallet becomes the more pertinent question of which wallet should a cryptocurrency investor use. As do all forms of insurance, security comes at the cost of money and convenience. How should we balance it in a way that suits our risk profile? In this post, I will summarize the unique features of the top 7 cryptocurrency wallets that an experienced holder must know of.

What are the desired traits of a crypto wallet and how hard can choose a wallet to be? This seemingly easy answer, unfortunately, does not have a satisfying answer: convenience may come at the cost of security; additional features may come at the cost of a steeper learning curve.

More importantly, what are the traits that, ultimately, you value over the others? See the list below, not in order of importance:. You may want a wallet that offers the best combination of the above-mentioned traits. Remember, all wallets have their edges and shortcomings. Atomic Wallet is a new multi-asset, non-custodial solution with an actively growing user base.

Apart from the intuitive UI, Atomic Wallet has offers a wide range of features, such as decentralized storage for private keys, a built-in option to buy crypto with a bank card, Atomic Swaps, instant exchange via Changelly or Shapeshift and an interface for custom tokens.

What makes Atomic Wallet so unique is the support of Atomic Swaps, a relatively new decentralized exchange technology based on hash timelock contracts. In the nearest future, Atomic Wallet plans to make Ethereum available for the swaps, as well. The coolest looking tech gadget to show off to your friends. Made by a relatively new company, KeepKey offers a hardware wallet of a polished design.

It comes with a standard, simple to use client UI. Nano Ledger S — Hardware Wallet. Nano Ledger S is just as secure as the other two hardware wallets. Being smaller than KeepKey, it is more portable and easier to carry around. It is a hardware wallet that comes at a very competitive price. Trezor is one of the first movers in the hardware wallet industry and sets the gold standard for crypto security.

Trezor has a reputation for providing top-notch security, protecting against both virtual and physical theft. What Trezor lacks in style, it more than makes up in the security department.

Even if your PC is compromised with malware, your private keys will still be safe with Trezor. In this sense, Trezor is more of a vault than a wallet. Coinbase is an online web-based wallet and is the beginner-friendly version of GDAX. As a hot wallet, you can easily transfer to the GDAX exchange instantly, and for free.

In the same interface, you can make quick purchases with fiat. You can activate 2-Step Verification and Google Authenticator for more protection, and Coinbase even has a vault available if you wish to trade convenience for an added layer of security.

The only drawback is that Coinbase only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. Paper wallets are for those who wish to have their own private wallets without forking out cash for hardware wallets. The money saved could be invested in their coins. Simply generate your wallet online at myetherwallet. The website does not store or transmit any of your private information. Paper wallets are free but require an in-depth knowledge to set it up properly.

In short, this type of wallets generally take a lot of hassle and are not advised for novices. Carrying your crypto around safely and conveniently is no longer a distant dream. Versions for iOS, Android, desktop and browser are now available.

Jaxx uses a mnemonic seed to back up your wallet or transfer it to a different device. Jaxx allows you to receive your funds, scan QR code, view your crypto holdings, all in one intuitive app. Advanced features such as shapeshift integration and multiple platforms wallet linkage makes this the preferred wallet for the tech savvy. The only drawback with this wallet is that it might have a steep learning curve, and features might not be stable with all the new integrations.

With time, this will prove to be a promising solution. Electrum is a fast, lightweight wallet for desktop and mobile users. It has a long list of supported features to make it the most flexible wallet today.

It offers cold storage solutions, integration with hardware wallets KeepKey, Nano Ledger S, Trezor and able to achieve anonymity with Tor. On the security side, Electrum enables multi-sig support, and it is not tied to a centralized server, so server downtime will not be an issue.

Overall, Electrum is the established software wallet solution out there that warrants a try-out. An all-in-one package wallet does not exist. It is important that you manage to find the wallet that addresses your greatest concern, be it security from theft, ease of transfer, convenience, monetary cost, or even style.

A wallet may turn out to be your greatest investment decision, financial wise and emotional health wise. I sleep soundly with my KeepKey under my pillow these days. Which wallet would you prefer? Hi, Suji! But their reviews on Facebook are just horrible 2. Seems like they focus only on businesses, not individuals. Coinmama seems to have really high processing fees. These guys are not very popular, but look legit. Did you ever hear anything about them? I use Elegro Wallet. Easy crypto and fiat asset management also they have low fees for money withdrawal.

App Store and Google Play versions are available- my wallet in my pocket. I think on the 1st place should be Ledger. Back to Articles. By Suji. I take pride in informing the public and helping as many as I can through sharing my experiences with my re. Share Tweet Reddit 6. Like what you read?

Give us one like or share it to your friends Please Login to comment. Julia Veng. Vote Up 1 Vote Down. Anna Jones. Wow, I also use Elegro Wallet. My funds are safe with it and it is very convenient.

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safest place to get a cryptocurrency wallet

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Are you looking to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency cryptkcurrency blockchain technology? If so, one of the first things that you should become familiar with is the role of a cryptocurrency wallet. My guide will explain everything you need to know, using really simple, real-world examples. By the end of reading it from start to finish, you will have all the information you need! This will include how a wallet works, the different types are available and even a review on four of the most popular wallets available! Before I go any further, I want you to think about how you store your real-world cash.

safest place to get a cryptocurrency wallet
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The real and crypto worlds have so many things in common when it comes to the best and securest place to store money. A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that stores private keys and public addresses and used to manage store, send or receive cryptocurrency.

In some cases, a cryptocurrency wallet handles only one coin, but it becomes inconvenient when you need to manage many coins and tokens you will have to install several applications, store several passwords and keys on your device. Several cryptocurrency wallets provide the ability to manage different assets in one place. They always stored only on your. It demands from you to keep your back-up phrase in a secure phrase and never send it to anybody. Funds stored on blockchain.

Atomic Wallet is an interface, a door to all your crypto assets. You manage it from Atomic but operations and funds stored on blockchain. And only you have access to them. And how do I manage money right in the blockchains? Once you see your keys and addressesyou can manage crypto. When choosing the amount and clicking send, you insert your password to sign your transaction.

Address A wants to send 0. The node represents a server or computer that broadcasts transactions to miners or validators.

You see your cryptocurrency wallet balances, as Atomic Wallet is connected to block explorers. When the block explorer syncs your address, the balance will be automatically updated within the cryptocurrency wallet. Atomic asks a block explorer your balance. If block explorer answers your relevant balance shows up in the wallet interface, and you get an automatic update shown in USD. Your USD balances are calculated according to relevant Coinmarketcap rates. What to do if you check your address balance on the block explorer, but in Atomic you see zero balances?

And what to do? No safest place to get a cryptocurrency wallet. Your funds are on blockchain and they are safe. For example, you want to send money from the exchange to Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet. Use your address to move funds to it. Once copied, move funds to it. You will receive crypto in minutes. To send money to the other address, copy a required address and paste in Atomic. Choose an amount and click Send.

To buy crypto right in Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet you need to pass the verification process only. Please check our guide how to buy Bitcoin with a bank card. You will see your available. The fees are 0. Download Atomic Wallet. Windows Download. Ubuntu Download. Debian Download. Fedora Download. What is Blockchain?

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