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list of all cryptocurrency exchanges

It analyses data faster than you ever could, and never needs to take rest. It offers a wide range of payment methods and has good prices. Bittrex Key Features One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. They specialize in selling bitcoins for credit card to nearly anyone in the world. The company has revolutionised the online trading industry by introducing innovative ways for traders to capitalise from the financial markets.

You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Switch it on and let it handle your investments. Sit back and watch your account grow. Users can shift between coins without depositing coins to the exchange. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CFDs are derivatives and can be risky; losses can exceed your initial payment and you must be able to meet all margin calls as soon as they are made.

Although you should always do your own research before investing, the above table is the best bitcoin exchanges to buy bitcoin online.

If you are new to cryptocurrency exchanges then check out our exchange finder section which breaks down all exchanges by different criteria. We rank exchanges by the following criteria:.

We rank the exchanges first and fore-mostly by their security measures and how trust worthy they are considered to be. User feedback is essential for us to create a rounded view of each exchange, make sure to give your input on exchanges you regularly use and those that you have tried and discarded immediately. We also look at the exchanges accessibility is terms of user experience, how they can buy bitcoin, be it with credit card, paypal or other forms of payment.

Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. For a list of all the exchanges we have reviewed, see the exchanges page. This list should be used as a guide, make sure to read our reviews on each exchange and ultimately make your own decision.

All exchanges have their pros and cons, and you should make sure that the exchange you choose is suitable for you. Each outstanding site should have detailed instructions.

From here, one can easily figure out how to buy bitcoin with credit card, paypal, cash, bank transfers. Each will have an upside compared to others. Check a few out and look up on forums to see what users are saying about the service provided, and which they think are the best Crypto Exchanges to buy bitcoin easily.

The service is all over the world, meaning you can use euros , pounds , yen, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, krona, rubles, lira, rupees and so on. If you pay by physical cash then you get to meet the person in real life. Alternatively you can do a fast bank transfer and the site will hold your coins in escrow for you once it goes through.

Obviously there are more simple ways to start using a crypto exchanges and bitcoin exchange and buy altcoins. Some like to buy with paypal, but not many leading bitcoin exchanges accept this because of charge backs. Having used localbitcoins myself, I found it a great way to sell bitcoins.

Especially if you are trying to shift a lot, you can wait for the price you want and slowly sell, I found that despite the charge I got on average a better price than other exchanges. Generally the biggest bitcoin exchanges to buy cryptocurrency will be toward the top of the above list.

Go to bitcoinity for a good list of all the best bitcoin exchange site to buy cryptocurrency and their proportional volumes. Some find this handy for arbitrage between markets.

Sadly, with the demise of Cryptsy there is a need for a new major first-rate cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange aka altcoins. Having many medium-sized cryptocurrency exchange bitcoin sites is a better situation than having one large amazing option. Binance has now replaced Poloniex as the largest most amazing option to exchange bitcoin. Its platform is functional enough to have attracted tens of millions of new customer every month.

Things feel smooth when using Binance. All big and small trading pairs are offered and it is now possible to do cryptocurrency margin trading on major altcoins. This is a cool feature, but use it with caution as leveraged trading has a certain risk factor. Keep in mind that some of the best bitcoin exchange sites also do altcoins.

Yobit, Bittrex, Cryptopia and Changelly, are great options worth checking out. Some even offer short selling on major coins. Alternatively, coinmarketcap offers a rather simplified list.

This is an important question to ask when choosing the best place to buy bitcoin. Yes, putting the words trustworthy bitcoin exchange and the best place to buy bitcoin in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron, especially when remembering the shiny days of MtGox aka Empty-Gox.

While the bitcoin protocol has never been hacked, many peripheral businesses have. Perhaps the best question to ask would be: which are the least secure bitcoin exchanges. Generally, those listed here are optimum and of good standing, but please proceed with caution.

Remember never to leave more btc online than you can afford to loose. With an extremely easy to use interface, it is a huge attraction for beginners who are looking to invest in crypto for the first time.

Buying crypto as a CFD is different to buying and owning the actual cryptocurrency, but does it really matter? We take a look at eToro in more detail.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk. Coinbase combine an attractive interface, a great site to get bitcoins with a debit card, and an insured online wallet for your digital currency.

Over 30,, users are signed up, including 75, merchants, and developer apps. Works well for European, and American customers. The China-based cryptocurrency exchange began live trading in July , so is fairly new to the crypto exchange world. However it has proven itself thus far to its clients, with its robust charting software and both basic and advanced interfaces attracting novice and expert traders.

Currently only corporate accounts are being accepted, which is not ideal for cryptocurrency exchanges. Years of hard work and some lucky circumstances BTC-e shut-down, Poloniex exodus, Cryptsy have compounded a steady inflow of new users.

It is a great place to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Localbitcoins is quite a popular for p2p person to person transactions all over the world. Simply put, you interact directly with the guy selling to you. Out of all the bitcoin sites listed here, this is one of the first and most reputed. Escrow and dispute resolution is provided by the site.

See my thorough review of Localbitcoins , I personally use it to cash out of positions quite often. Needless to say, CEX is very popular within those currency regions. There is a no-nonsense landing page, giving you the option to buy or sell , , , or USD worth of Bitcoin. I like the transparency given to users about how much they will actually pay — even before they sign up. CEX is indeed a good beginner-optimized alternative to Coinbase.

Kraken Update: In late Kraken was temporarily unlisted here following extensive trading engine and UI issues. Kraken works well through SEPA, has an easy verification process expect weeks vetting with current backlog compared to Bitstamp, and is very knowledgeable when it come to cryptography and security. As of early , this platform has been re-positioning themselves as a crypto exchange by adding multiple new altcoins. Deposits are in USD and can be processed just as rapidly as withdrawls.

Also happens to be the best ethereum exchange for serious players in this space. For more information on GDAX. Xcoins describes itself as a Bitcoin lending service that allows traders to get bitcoins by using a credit card or PayPal. Due to charge back with paypal, buying cryptocurrency has been difficult however Xcoins claims to have found a way around it.

Their unique peer-to-peer lending model connects lenders and borrowers and allows users to get bitcoins through a series of secure loans. Each secure loan can be paid with any PayPal-recognised payment method. Unlike regular cryptocurrency exchanges, borrowers that no longer want the bitcoin can get their money back. Lenders may also choose to join the platform for free. Update: Reports suggest Bitstamp will be sold to a South Korean gamain company.

Bitstamp are big in Europe and, since , have moved from Slovenia, and the United Kingdom in search of sound regulatory environments. Good volumes are available for larger trades.

Well received by people using SEPA and credit cards. Both euro and US dollar deposits are accepted. I like Bitstamp because they really focus on being a pure bitcoin-only exchange update: since Bitstamp have started adding popular cryptocoins. Please read my Bitstamp critique for analysis of factors such as security, fees, and the history. Full reviews of cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. A lot of you have asked me whether trading bitcoin is better than buying it.

The answer depends on your goals, and experience of bitcoin trading. This way you benefit from a small, one time exchange fee and the assurance that you hold a physical bitcoin in your wallet which can be spent at various retail stores.

Trading requires daily technical analysis and a sound understanding of trading platforms.

list of all cryptocurrency exchanges

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Toggle navigation. Name Region Total Vol. Binance falls out of the top 10 2, New homepage! New features! WazirX has been acquired by Binance!

Find the best cryptocurrency exchange for beginners, low fees and more.

We are an innovative platform with many features. We allow the creation of airdrops and ICO in several stages. We have a local bitcoin style platform where members can put coins and receive at various The key feature of Serenity Exchange is the possibility of liquidity aggregation from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The CDL is an internal exchange token that was created to create additional functionality within the cryptocurrency exchange platform that is CoinDeal. The token will allow for lower fees, more crypto We have created an innovative product that makes trading not only a way of earning money but also an exciting game.

list of all cryptocurrency exchanges

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The complete list of all cryptocurrency, trading platforms and marketplaces to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency exchange also implies crypto, altcoin, bitcoin, or ethereum trading platform.

Exchanges that support USD or other fiat currencies deposit and withdrawal are listed as. View list of all top exchanges sorted by 24 hours trading volume bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins or all other cryptocurrency at CoinMarketCap:. Trade bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies at these crypto exchanges.

Is it legal to use cryptocurrencies and work with Yobit. Pair, symbol, deposit minimum amount, withdraw fee, withdraw minimum amount, blockchain confirmation counts, min price, max price, min amount, max amount, maker fee, taker fee:. Buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, or other cryptocurrencies, as well as deposit and withdraw local fiat currencies through bank wire transfer, debit card, credit card, paypal. In Some cases, bank may charge aditional fees for bank transfer between your personal account and your Mercurycash account.

CoinSwitch: Exchange cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins, at the best rate altcoin conversion. From List Wiki, organize pieces. Jump to: navigationsearch. Official: Slogan: Exchange The World. Extra - Binance also has a featured called LaunchPad, which is a list of next generation blockchain projects.

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform based in China where users can trade between many supported cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more altcoins. Official: Slogan: The leading global digital asset exchange. Huobi is based in Beijing, China. Sign up for free: Register Huobi for free using List Wiki referral link.

Official list of all fees on trading Trading fees of 0. Either maker fees or taker fees, buying or selling any cryptocurrency, all at 0. Initially, OKEx gained millions of US dollars worth of angel investments from VenturesLab, co-founded by the globally recognized Tim Draper who similarly invested in leading companies such as Hotmail, Baiduand Tesla. HK OKEx has advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, and a high-speed memory-based trading engine all backed up in multiple machines, cold storage locations, and hot wallets with offline private keys.

UPbit: Korean exchange Only korean version available english not available Registration and login using Kakao Talk Partnered with Bittrex Associated with Kakao First korea exchange with over hundreds of altcoins available for trading.

Taker fee 0. For withdrawal of currency in Bithumb, all currencies are free as well but for withdrawal outside of Bithumb, there is a small fee depending on which currencies you are withdrawing. Bitfinex platform offers leveraged margin trading through its peer-to-peer funding market. Transfer funds between wallets are free and instant. The link verification review process can take up to days.

Core features: Exchange Trading - deposit, trade and withdraw various currencies. Margin Trading - up to 3. Margin Funding Peer to Peer Financing - becomes lenders to earn interest from other users. Bypass the public order books.

Languages available: English, Russian, Chinese Official: Bitfinex is the world's largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform. Bitfinex is a full-featured spot trading platform for the major list of all cryptocurrency exchanges. Advanced: Two-factor authentication: enabling 2fA adds extra security when you are depositing. Bittrex is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can trade, buy and sell between various cryptocurrencies. You have to buy coins like Bitcoin from other platform like Coinbase first before using it to trade in Bittrex.

You must verify your ID before depositing and withdrawing in Bittrex. Official: Bittrex is built and operated in the United States. Bittrex is the next generation crypto trading platform created by security professionals. Features: Secure platform - Bittrex is created by a group of security professionals. Two-factor authentication is essential. Custom built trading engine - Scalable and fast processing. Fast deposits and withdrawals. All trades have a 0. You can only deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum into your Kraken account at Tier 1.

To deposit centralized currency, you need to get to Tier 2. Official Slogan: Sail the high seas of success. Kraken is founded in year Languages Kraken is available in English and Japanese. Derivatives or margin trading between cryptocurrencies are supported as. Slogan: Advanced crypto exchange since Founded in Features Safe and secure: 2-factor authentication, advanced encryption technology, cold storage — we give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

Fast, responsive and feature-packed: Our terminal is built on the best technology and lets you trade effortlessly any of the List of all cryptocurrency exchanges currency pairs. On the contrary, they receive a 0. Orders executed immediately will incur a 0. The full list of withdrawal fees is available in your HitBTC account. All different cryptocurrencies have its own fees. GDAX and coinbase are owned by the same company. Coinbase targets retail consumers while GDAX targets hardcore players.

GDAX offers institutions and professionals the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more on a regulated U. Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can trade, buy and sell between many different cryptocurrencies available.

Beside cryptocurrencies exchange, there is also margin trading and lending system as. You have to deposit your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into your Poloniex account first before you can start trading them with other cryptocurrencies. Fiat currencies like USD is not supported. You have to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency on other trading site like Coinbase. Poloniex is based in United States, founded in January Official We are a US-based digital asset exchange offering maximum security and advanced trading features.

Trade securely on list of all cryptocurrency exchanges world's most active digital asset exchange. Fiat currencies like USD are not supported, only cryptocurrencies can be deposited and traded. Maker fee: 0. Maker Taker Trade Volume trailing 30 day avg 0. BitMEX only allows traders to deposit, hold and withdraw bitcoin. BitMex stands for Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. BitMEX only handles Bitcoin.

BitMEX does not handle fiat currency. Up to x leverage. Trading without expiry dates. Industry-leading security. BitMEX is a derivatives exchange that offers leveraged contracts that are bought and sold in Bitcoin. Classic ETC 20x The operation and technology teams consist of top talents from international digital asset industry as well as diverse professionals from various fields such as finance, social network, gaming, and e-commerce. Bit-Z's mission is to provide the safest and most efficient service.

Features: Professional: Years-experienced professional tech team to maintain system stability. Convenient: Stable and efficient.

Quick transaction of funds. Secure: Bank-level SSL secure technology to ensure the security of transactions. Synchronized: Real-time access to global synchronized information. Quickly confirm the transaction.

Bit-Z exchange is available in both English and Chinese language. Founded in We are a digital currency exchange offering maximum security and advanced trading features. Trading fee: 0. Official list of Bit-Z fees. Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts who had proved themselves in industry giants like Ant Financial and GF Securities, Kucoin aims at providing users digital asset transaction and exchange services which are even more safe and convenient, integrating premium assets worldwide, and constructing state of the art transaction platform.

Official: Slogan: Blockchain asset exchange. Kucoin is a Chinese based crypto exchange, available in both English and Chinese languages. Trading fee of 0. Official list of KuCoin fees, including trading fees, withdrawal and deposit fees. Users can check out their Trading Fee Discount on the trading page:.

Top 30 Bitcoin exchanges

If you are buying Ripple with Bitcoin, you have to report the difference in the price of the asset you are selling Bitcoin at the time when you have bought it and when you have spent it on Ripple. Non-US residents can read cryyptocurrency review of Liwt main exchange. You are going to send email to. Even market exchangess like Binance have made a step in the right direction by providing token issuers with the flexibility to choose the amount of the listing fee that they want to pay. Financial Times. However, if your trading strategy employs multiple indicators and cryptocrrency trading mechanics, then you should choose one of the more or exchange service providers or use third-party software for charting. In fact, that is the main reason why we created the Transparency Rating. Sometimes, the operating entity is covered in secrecy or hidden behind circles of other companies, just like the cases with C2CX and GDAC. So, yes, even the coffee you bought this morning with Bitcoins qualifies. This can serve as a good indication for its plans, reliability, and attitude towards its user base. Slowly and steadily, Bitcoin and altcoins are getting attention from more investors all around the world. They are able to do this by charging a premium on the Bitcoin price. Do both — start off by buying bitcoin at exchange, but learn to trade bitcoin so you can better take advantage of price movements.

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