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joshua kennon what the fuck is bitcoin

Maybe you heard about this incident in the news , but I promise, it looks different up close. To summarize, a whole bunch of eager-investors dumped a ridiculous amount of money in a tech stock that went bad. Really, really bad. If you read the forum, some investors exited early and the ones staying in smugly waved them goodbye, chastising them for missing out on the money train that was headed their way.

If only they know what was coming. Many had dumped their entire life savings, and that of their family into the shares. Some even went above and beyond gambling their own money and purchased options in the stock. The posts below are merely excerpts from the thread as the group realizes their losses. Her K was irrevocably damaged, but her comment section was filled with words of encouragement and congratulations for following the Dave Ramsey way.

Let it serve instead as an up-close look at what it really feels like to make a huge money mistake — may you never know it first-hand. Student debt killer, super saver, and stock market addict. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but hooked on travelling. Sheesh…that was a sobering read. But lemme get this straight — these people put ALL their funds into this one stock?!

This is a truly horrifying learning experience that they totally could have avoided with more common sense and less greed. Yep, they gambled everything in one go. Some were more conservative, but a lot of them were just so sure of it being a huge hit they dumped everything into it. Definitely novice investors… though in the forum you read that some people lost 25 years of savings. Great advice, and I think it is important to share these stories. You see threads like that on investment forums all the time.

I was personally bit very early on in my investing career following these tips from investment forums. However, I luckily followed your rules and hence my loss was only a small part of my overall portfolio. Confirmation bias is a terribly powerful thing.

When someone surrounds themselves with people who all believe the same thing… bad things can happen. Not just in investing, but in life! Some of them realized it was gambling from the start… but many of them really believed it was a sure thing. They were completely foolish. But wow, reading those comments. I feel terrible for them, what a life changer. This is a great example why there needs to be more financial literacy in our society. Wow, what an unfortunate story.

It seems like when it comes to investing, no one is patient these days. You know a worse situation than that? What happened to the employees at Nortel. Not only did they lose their job, they lost their company stock. October 28, June 28, June 17, Bridget on November 19, am. Take care out there kids!! Your list of rules are great! Emily Simple Cheap Mom on November 19, pm. Sean Cooper, Financial Journalist on November 20, pm. Lisa on November 21, pm.

Aghhh this is so heartbreaking! Diversify your investments, people! Kassandra on November 21, pm.

joshua kennon what the fuck is bitcoin

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Make Money With Binary Options Effortlessly DNBOur joshua kennon what the fuck is bitcoin stock strategy guide is a collection of articles explaining real-life techniques you can use to begin trading stocks. This is what makes personal finance so interesting and by using thought experiments we can prepare for situations in the future before they happen. Hi Andres… Please see my joshya with Felipe. I think offering clients a simple portfolio allocation was making some managers and their phone reps feel stupid. Thanks Rajkumar… glad you like it! Kala Vilches always knew she'd have to leave Vancouver if she wanted to buy a house. You shouldn't drink 11 shots of whiskey in five minutes, but you can definitely get lost in these 11 GIFs. Thx for an answer! They smooth the ride when stocks plunge and you rebalance your allocation. This is one of those freely written, not so much of a point, but more of putting down thoughts on a topic type of article. A new compact, lightweight weapon will stop a target in their tracks from a hundred meters away without harming. But, I hwat found out it almost always makes the relationship weird. Some years bircoin does better joshua kennon what the fuck is bitcoin the U. Google returns search results in less than 1 second with the best articles on topics within the personal finance realm. Give people the option of saving for the long-term, as opposed to buying some plastic junk as rhe. I thought so! Pick your poison and settle in for joshia ride.

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