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galaxy s10 comes with cryptocurrency wallet

The launch of the high-end lineup, comprising three models, marked the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series, considered a benchmark in the Android world. A slew of new features were introduced for the latest model. The TEE has a separate memory and persistent storage, completely isolated from the rest of the device. However, if the keys are in the TEE and only accessible via a trustlet, the malware will not be able to extract them directly, the security expert pointed out.

Rumors that the new Galaxy S10 would incorporate a secure feature allowing the storage of crypto keys appeared long before its launch. They were reinforced by leaked images in January showing an app called Samsung Blockchain Keystore in the Galaxy S10 menu which, according to its description, allows you to secure and manage your blockchain private keys. The official announcement , which was dated Feb. Generally, the keystore can be found in the Settings menu, under Biometrics and Security.

The crypto wallet itself has to be activated. Another video review shows an Enjin wallet installed on the Korean version of the Galaxy S European crypto enthusiasts seem to be excluded from the privileged crypto club at this stage.

The same applies to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet application. If you manage to get it, while creating a new wallet you will be asked to provide a PIN before Samsung generates a word recovery phrase for you. According to available information, the Samsung wallet supports ETH and ethereum-based tokens. The option that allows you to import an existing wallet is also for ethereum wallets. It remains unclear whether and when other major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash and bitcoin core will be added.

By press time, there has been no reply to our query. Reports this month suggest that Samsung plans to further invest in expanding and developing the blockchain package. Despite the limited availability of the Keystore and the lack of support for Bitcoin, the Korean conglomerate may bring its crypto wallet to more Galaxy devices.

Without revealing details, the company representative added that Samsung will also work with telecom operators to activate other related technologies such as blockchain-based identification and introduce support for local currencies. The latter is responsible for the implementation of key features and the development of core applications in the Galaxy smartphones, including the mobile wallet and payment service Samsung Pay. Once again, what, where and when are questions that Samsung owes answers to.

Do you expect Samsung to eventually introduce support for major cryptocurrencies such as BCH and BTC in its wallet services and mobile devices?

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Are you looking for a secure way to buy Bitcoin online? Save for a few UX improvements here and there,… read more. The Bitcoin. Lubomir Tassev is a journalist from tech-savvy Bulgaria, which sometimes finds itself at the forefront of advances it cannot easily afford. Share this story:. Lubomir Tassev Lubomir Tassev is a journalist from tech-savvy Bulgaria, which sometimes finds itself at the forefront of advances it cannot easily afford.

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galaxy s10 comes with cryptocurrency wallet

Blockchain Wallets And Android Smartphones

Samsung Electronics has just revealed the cryptocurrency wallet for its just launched s1 phone, the Galaxy S Bitcoin is not yet supported, despite the logo appearing on earlier pre-release presentation images. The firm said it plans to expand the service to more devices and cryptocurrencies in the cryptocirrency. Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be used in conjunction with Blockchain Keystore and is designed to simplify the transactions process for newcomers to the technology, according to CoinDesk Korea. CoinDuck currently supports only ether ETH.

No Bitcoin in the Samsung Wallet

The leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 was first reported by Samsung news outlet Sammobile that appear to show the rumored Samsung blockchain key store cryptocurrency wallet app running on the new Samsung Galaxy S The current claims are that it is going to be supporting bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ethereum. Including a native wallet in the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 is really cool but we cannot expect this to make an overnight bull run happen. Just having those wallets is going to be amazing. If that Ethereum wallet can interface easily with Ethereum based Dapps , it would be quite awesome.

galaxy s10 comes with cryptocurrency wallet

Flagship Smartphone That Stores Private Keys

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has finally landed on the doorsteps of crypto-junkies across the world but many have been left disappointed. The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced with much fanfare on February 20 and was available to buy from March 8, in 70 countries which will expand to countries by the end of this month. But many buyers across the world have been left confused and disappointed when they discovered that its in-built cryptocurrency features are supported in just three countries.

A gxlaxy line in a press release confirmed it would include secure storage for private keys—used to make cryptocurrency transactions. The South Korean mobile maker also promised a standalone app for making use of this function, called Blockchain Keystore. According to a tweet by Samsung Australia, these cryptocurrency features will only be accessible for users in Galwxy, Korea and the U. Considering this was not clear at the outset, many users have been left in the dark and wondering how to activate the cryptocurrency features.

It appears that you can make the security setting appear and get the app by downloading two installs from APKMirrora site for Android downloads. If you do happen to live in Germany, Korea and the U. The Blockchain Keystore app can be downloaded from the Android Play store. Early access. News Coins. By Tim Copeland. Want more from Decrypt News? Load More. Close Menu. Open Menu.

How will I spend cryptocurrency with the Galaxy S10?

Please try again, the name must be unique Only letters and numbers accepted. Tech news. Leave a comment Hide comments. All rights reserved. The inclusion of such apps is anticipated to push cryptocurrency adoption even further into the mainstream, as people will ultimately be able to spend it and trade it on a daily basis. Subscribe Already registered? Robert Fisk. Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Sennheiser Momentum 3 review: Comfortable active noise cancellation headphones with impressive audio. By press time, there has been no reply to our query.

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