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gain capital continues global rollout of bitcoin trading

In this issue:. This eighth upgrade of the Ethereum protocol aims to make improvements such as faster network speed and preventing the spamming of blocks.

So far, no major negative events have been reported. The spike was reportedly caused by the Bittrex exchange, which conducted a series of 21 equally valued transactions as part of its scheduled maintenance. Kraken, a U. This is the sixth fiat currency that Kraken will trade, the others being the United States dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound sterling and Japanese yen.

BitPay, a major blockchain payment service, announced this week the rollout of stablecoin payments for merchants and consumers around the globe. The company will now support payment acceptance and settlement in three U. BitPay will also continue to accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ether. According to the announcement, the kiosk will enable Paxful to facilitate bitcoin purchases with fiat payments in more than currencies.

The new platform will first launch in Argentina and Brazil, with 13 other Latin American countries to follow. A leading American sneaker and footwear company has patented a system for tokenizing shoes on the Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin mining giant Bitfury, out of Amsterdam, recently announced the launch of its latest enterprise blockchain software development, Exonum Enterprise.

Brave announced last week that it had 10 million active monthly users since the release of the Brave 1.

Last week the European Council and the Commission adopted a statement regarding stablecoins. According to the statement, the lack of legal clarity regarding stablecoins makes it difficult to determine whether and how the existing EU regulatory framework applies. The Council and the Commission also noted that stablecoin arrangements cannot launch in the European Union until regulatory and oversight frameworks are developed.

Meanwhile, the New York State Department of Financial Services DFS announced plans to review and update their virtual currency regulations, which were issued back in DFS is seeking comments from the public regarding two proposed coin adoption or listing options that the agency reportedly plans to make available to current DFS license holders. CipherTrace recently published its Q3 cryptocurrency anti-money laundering report. Elliptic, a global leader in crypto-asset risk management solutions for businesses and financial institutions, recently launched Elliptic Discovery.

Elliptic Discovery offers a broad range of risk indicators for financial institutions to identify and evaluate the risk posed by the flow of funds into and out of crypto-assets on exchanges. Elliptic Discovery seeks to allow banks to work more closely with certain cryptocurrency businesses based on an evidence-based risk assessment. More than 80 Japanese banks have shown recent interest in a leading U. If these banks join, Japan will reportedly have the largest number of banks in the worldwide network.

The unlawful operation began in and involved viral distribution of malicious software via phishing emails. The malware harvested personal data and diverted processing power for cryptocurrency mining. This week, U. Victims were lured into the investment scheme through promises of high returns from participation and investment in the scheme.

The company, Shopin, allegedly failed to create the retail blockchain platform it hocked to investors. Overseas, Ugandan Police cracked down on cryptocurrency-related Ponzi schemes this week, with the arrest of one of the directors of a sham cryptocurrency company.

However, distribution of assets to victim investors may be a long time coming, because the exchange pooled all investments on the platform into general wallets, making it difficult to find out how much of which assets customers held on Cryptopia. Last week, the Marco Polo network, a blockchain trade finance platform with a strong presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, announced the addition of the second U.

The Marco Polo network is seeking to leverage blockchain to replace less efficient paper-based processes in trade finance. In custody news, Konainu, a joint venture for cryptocurrency custody and depositary services, was recently granted regulatory approval from the Jersey Financial Services Commission. According to a press release, Konainu is designed to provide institutional investors entering the cryptocurrency space with the security and infrastructure they are familiar with when trading traditional assets.

The new platform will reportedly give investors real-time access to records and securities bought on private markets and reduce the time it takes to make checks or queries on holdings.

Earlier this week, one of the largest exchange-traded fund ETF providers in the U. The ETP is physically backed by the underlying bitcoin and is designed to give investors exposure to bitcoin without the need to directly hold the cryptocurrency or interact with the blockchain infrastructure, while offering transparency and institutional-grade digital currency custodians.

Earlier this week, the New York State Department of Financial Services DFS reportedly approved the virtual currency and money transmitter license applications of a leading online personal finance company that offers student loan refinancing, mortgages and personal loans. According to reports, the two licenses allow the firm to offer its New York customers the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency — the company is currently authorized to support bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, ether classic, litecoin and Stellar lumens.

Late last week, reports surfaced regarding a new bipartisan bill called the Managed Stablecoins Are Securities Act of While the bill is still in its primary stages, reports note that it may eventually provide regulatory clarity for stablecoins. In related news, Paxful, a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, has also seen a recent surge in weekly traded volume according to a new report. Paxful is a decentralized and noncustodial service that connects users offering to buy and sell bitcoin using gift cards, Internet payment providers, domestic bank transfers and other payment methods.

In mining news, a recent report provided details on Bitriver, the largest data center in Russia. A report noted that Bitriver currently hosts more than 20, bitcoin mining devices but has the capacity to host up to 67, units.

According to reports, Bitriver does not directly engage in mining but rather provides equipment and technical services for cryptocurrency mining. Low temperatures in the Siberian city of Bratsk are ideal for the data center equipment—mining hardware can work at higher efficiency rates while cutting cooling costs.

Meanwhile, Great North Data, a data center in Labrador, Canada, reportedly filed for bankruptcy last week. Great North Data hosted bitcoin mining operations and processed artificial intelligence algorithms at facilities in Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay. A multinational retail giant and DLT Labs recently launched a blockchain-based freight and payment network that is the largest of its kind in the world, according to reports.

The solution incorporates IoT sensors and integrates with legacy systems. According to reports, the system could be used by more than 70 trucking companies that transport goods and deliver them to more than stores. Department of Agriculture, and other participants involved. A major financial services firm has filed a patent application for a blockchain solution that improves auditing of automobile inventory used to finance car dealership loans. The firm said that it is piloting the application with dealership partners.

In another recent patent filing, an American multinational technology conglomerate described how blockchain technology can be integrated with 5G telecommunication networks.

According to reports, the invention uses a blockchain platform to manage data sessions between devices and a virtual network, creating a kind of blockchain interface between the network and equipment such as phones or laptops. Upbit suspended withdrawals and deposits and stated that it would take at least two weeks for services to return to normal.

Some who have reviewed the transfer details from that Wednesday suggest the hack was an inside job. Lazarus, a state-sponsored North Korean computer hacking team, is believed to be behind new macOS malware that can pull a payload malicious coding from a remote location and run it in memory, making it harder to conduct forensic analysis.

Late last week, the Department of Justice issued a press release announcing the arrest of Virgil Griffith, a U. The U. By this complaint, we begin the process of seeking justice for such conduct. He was later released from jail after bond was posted. According to recent reports, the digital asset arm of a multinational financial services corporation was issued a trust company charter by the New York Department of Financial Services.

As a designated New York Trust Company, the firm can now custody bitcoin for institutional investors in the United States. Another recent report explained that holders of a major U. This development more than doubles the number of cryptocurrencies cardholders can spend. This week, cryptocurrency exchange Binance made a play to enter the Indian market with its acquisition of WazirX, a local peer-to-peer exchange, for an undisclosed amount.

Swiss startup and digital payments processor Utrust announced late last week that it signed up its first merchant in the travel industry. The online travel agency serves more than airlines, and the deal with Utrust will allow its customers to book flights with cryptocurrency. This month, distributed ledger startup Hashgraph and streaming music service Tune. The token, Jam, can be used to make micropayments to artists for every second of music fans stream, reward listeners for trying music they have not heard before and promote artists through verifiable first-time streams.

Rockdale, Texas, is becoming a hotbed for massive cryptocurrency mining operations. But this week, a data center developer owned by Northern Bitcoin broke ground on a project that plans to start with megawatts and scale up to 1 gigawatt by the end of Both projects are on a more than 33,acre plot of land that has been owned by a large American industrial corporation since the s.

And last week, an American logistics giant announced the successful delivery of a blockchain-verified beef shipment from Kansas to Tokyo, for a meal that was served to U. Embassy and Japanese officials. The aerospace division of a U. In a final notable development, this week, HashCash announced its partnership with a consortium of global automobile manufacturers, a mining company and battery manufacturers to build a blockchain supply chain network to meet demands for authenticating the ethical sourcing of minerals such as cobalt, tungsten and lithium, which are often surrounded by allegations of child labor.

By: Jonathan D. There were several interesting developments across the world this week in the digital asset arena.

It reasoned that such assets have the indicia of property, and simply because they have distinctive or innovative features does not disqualify them from being property. While digital assets cannot be physically possessed, therefore meaning they cannot be used as bailment, they can be used to grant security through other means. As to smart contracts, the UKJT found they are capable of being a contract in the broader sense. This is because in a smart contract, the parties to it have intended to create a legal relationship and have each given something of value as consideration.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS issued a consultation paper that proposes allowing payment token derivatives to be traded on approved exchanges and to regulate their activity. MAS states there is significant interest in payment tokens such as bitcoin and ether, and the interested institutional investors need a regulated product to be able to hedge their exposure to them.

The piece points out that the U. While he acknowledged certain rules must be in place, especially those covering customer protection, he indicated that because of the rapidly evolving nature of the space, a principles-based system is more appropriate. Earlier this week, the U. A DOJ press release issued last week detailed the arrest of two men in Massachusetts for crimes including aggravated identity theft and computer fraud. The exchange was seized by Canadian officials earlier this month after receiving complaints from Einstein customers that they could not access their accounts.

Karatbars, a German company, was recently ordered by German officials to wind up its blockchain-based business in Germany after allegations it was luring investors into a pyramid scheme. Around the same time, South African officials issued their own warning, telling consumers to avoid investments offered by the company.

Karatbars issues KaratGold Coin, a supposedly gold-backed cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum network and is listed on approximately 30 exchanges. And reports out earlier this week describe a hack into the Monero website, with currency-stealing malware allegedly delivered to users who were downloading Monero wallet software.

gain capital continues global rollout of bitcoin trading

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Last Updated: Aug 27, am. Bitcoin Trading World is allegedly a Cryptocurrency mining and trading platform. But it provides zero information about ownership of the person in charge of its operations. This basically means that if you visit this site, your browser and CPU will be used for their mining operations. The domain of this website was last updated on the 25th of April This is most likely the date that the current owner possessed the domain. The first thing we notice when analyzing details of this domain on who. As you can see in that review, Bitcoiin is an outright fraud that you must not pay money to get involved with. Bitcoiin was first introduced on the internet in January.

gain capital continues global rollout of bitcoin trading

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What You Need To Know. Clients will be able to trade the value of bitcoin through the company's "highly-regulated, trusted broker, without the need to set up a digital wallet to take delivery of and store tokens," trsding press release said. Currently, investors can trade bitcoin as an over-the-counter derivative or as a future, both of which gives investors exposure to the movement of bitcoin without owning the underlying asset. Why It's Important. What's Next? Gain Capital plans to finalize the rollout of its bitcoin trading platform in the coming months and hopes to introduce bitcoin trading to customers in other markets across Asia and in the U.

Ethereum and other digital currencies are also expected to be offered in early The stock was trading up about 2. Related Links:. See more from Benzinga. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All gain capital continues global rollout of bitcoin trading reserved.

No matching results for ''. Tip: Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. Finance Home. Markets open in 5 hrs 18 mins. Jayson Derrick. Benzinga January 8, Why It's Important "For those who want exposure to Bitcoin, trading the cryptocurrency as a derivative with a regulated brokerage firm offers several key advantages over a Bitcoin exchange," commented Glenn Stevens, CEO of Gain Capital.

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Elliptic, a global leader in crypto-asset risk management solutions for businesses and financial institutions, recently launched Elliptic Discovery. The seafood provider says it plans to build a connected app that enables diners to scan a QR code on a menu and deep dive into the history of the scallops on deck for gain capital continues global rollout of bitcoin trading. Kraken, a U. The City of Toronto has already piloted the platform to test how it can improve reconciliations and interdivisional fund transfers by increasing transparency and efficiency. A DOJ press release issued last week detailed the arrest of two men in Massachusetts for crimes including aggravated identity theft and computer fraud. By: Joanna F. According to reports, Gemini Trust Company LLC, a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange and trust company, will operate as the custodian of the bitcoin in the fund. The company is waiting for final approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services before it fully launches. Powers A leading American sneaker and footwear company has patented visit web page system for tokenizing shoes on the Ethereum blockchain.

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