Open-source modular platform for building an exchange

RubyKube is an open-source project with over contributors from all over the world besides the core team of over 60 developers who originally forked the old abandoned Peatio project on GitHub. Around Peatio, as the core wallet and order book management system, we have built account management and KYC using open-source Barong OAuth2 system, as well as Business Logic and other components.

And we have covered back-end with beautiful and fully customizable front-end using React. We found on GitHub an old abandoned open-source project called Peatio, which was the core of crypto exchange platform, and decided to give it a second birth.

In just a few months, with our own hands and help from the community from monolith abandonware we have created an awesome application stack of several key components that ensure the modern level of stability, scalability and security of an exchange platform and named that baby RubyKube. The whole thing is open-source, which means you get what you see. We got people helping us coding it from all around the world.

Whether you are interested to run a RubyKube-based exchange, or a coder looking to get your feet wet with modern application stack - we welcome everyone! We can train your personnel on how to deploy and maintain the complete RubyKube-based exchange platform, as well as offer you an opportunity to hire our DevOps team for custom development of your enterprise project.

The deployment is available on either RubyKube cloud or the cloud of your own. Our plans include dedicated RubyKube installation and configuration for your specific needs, as well as continuous software maintenance, security upgrades, server monitoring and support.

We also provide software development services for frontend and new blockchain integration. If you are interested, drop a message to our DevOps and we will find a solution that suits your business needs.

Peatio is a fork of Peatio. OpenDAX is the recommended development, test and integration environment for new developers. It is the easiest way to setup development environment and run Peatio locally. Kite is a CLI for scaffolding and managing devops modules. We are pleased to announce that Ranger has arrived to Peatio 1. This release includes significant new features, numerous functional fixes and enhancements.

Peatio 1. We want to make it super-easy for RubyKube users and contributors to talk to us and connect with each other to share ideas, solve problems and help make RubyKube even more awesome. Here are the communication channels we're running currently - we'd love to hear from you on any one of them! Ready to dive into the code and get your feet wet? Welcome to our GitHub! Chat with us and other community members on Telegram.

You can find project news, release highlights and webinars, as well as community support guidelines regarding deployment and maintenance of community branch of the RubyKube platform at our Discourse forum. We also got a subreddit to update you on all the project news and discuss hot topics. Our YouTube channel is updated with project webinars, demos and other visual narrative content, make sure to check it out!

Ruby Kube. Welcome to RubyKube Open-source modular platform for building an exchange. Join us! Getting Started Enterprise solutions. Are you a developer? Join our passionate community in creation of modern application stack.

RubyKube Github Documentation Discussion. Looking for an enterprise solution? Deployment training and custom development available.

Get a quotation Meet the team. Peatio Open source cryptocurrency exchange platform. Peatio Github. Barong OAuth2 server for RubyKube stack. Barong Github. OpenDAX Recommended development, test and integration environment. OpenDAX Github. Kite DevOps solution. Kite Github. Designed as high performance crypto-currency exchange Built-in high performance matching-engine Built-in multiple wallet support e.

Powerful admin dashboard and backend management tools Highly configurable, extendable and scalable Industry standard security out-of-box Maintained by peatio. Coins supported BCH. RubyKube Blog. More posts. OpenWare Team and Contributors. Follow RubyKube We want to make it super-easy for RubyKube users and contributors to talk to us and connect with each other to share ideas, solve problems and help make RubyKube even more awesome. Subscribe to our newsletter to get informed on any update. GitHub organisation.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange API

PEATIOis an souurce fiat money or cryptocurrency or something exchange, and is the first that releases its opfn code in China. Rests on the principles of open-source, transparent and honest, PEATIOaims to serve a platform for crypto-currency enthusiasts by providing a safe, secure, and easy-to-use exchange that embraces open-source and public trust. A free, transparent and internationalizedopen-source All source code are fully released under the terms of the MIT License. Rests on the principle of open source and transparency, Peat. Feel free to modify and use our code in your preference. Fork us here Github. We are grateful for any contribution to this open-source project.

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange

More posts. Aug 23, You need to choose the quantity of bitcoins you want to buy and specify the rate you are willing to pay for those bitcoins. All we do is provide a go here and simple environment to trade with other users, that is all. RubyKube Blog. You are encouraged to contribute to our language variety. Nov 28, Getting Started Enterprise solutions. This is especially important when developing complex productslike an online CRM. Compare it to the price of a gallon of gas in USD. Find file. Latest commit a3eb3c6 Nov 23, Open source platforms were created by one developer, at best by several amateur enthusiasts. Rapid deployment time. Hot Network Questions.

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