How Do Options Work?

bitcoin options trading sites

If you want to hedge your crypto portfolio or take a view on bitcoin using leverage, you have the opportunity to do so using bitcoin options. Options are financial derivatives that give the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a specific asset at a predetermined price at some point in the future. Should the price of BTC not hit the strike price, then the option will expire and become worthless.

At that point, however, you only lose the initial investment that went into buying the option. However, it is something for professional traders who have experience in derivatives trading. Beginners should avoid trading bitcoin derivatives. Launched in , the Hong Kong-based exchange was one of the first exchanges to offer bitcoin futures. The platform has a simple fee structure that includes:.

This is a futures contract that has a set maximum loss that the trader will incur before their position is immediately liquidated. This deviates from traditional futures markets where instead of a liquidation, you will receive a margin call. In that case, if you are unable to meet your margin call you are still responsible for losses. Therefore, options are a less risky proposition than standard futures contracts.

When you are trading on the platform, you will need to establish an initial margin for the position. However, should the price of the futures contract drop then the BitMEX liquidation engine will terminate your position before it wipes out your capital.

Still, while these futures contracts may appear like an attractive instrument, they are not pure option instruments. Consequently, they may not react well to volatility adjustments and other market conditions compared to traditional options. Deribit is an Amsterdam-based bitcoin futures and options exchange. The platform was founded in by John Jansen a former trader on the Amsterdam futures exchange.

Deribit has a simple user interface that displays a variety of bitcoin options, including expiry dates and strike prices. Moreover, Deribit is one of the only exchanges that have standardized bitcoin options making it a go-to platform for cryptocurrency options traders. The platform charges a 0. There are no minimum deposit requirements since the size of the contracts are determined by the market.

You can view a complete fee structure on the site. Having said that, even though the volumes are a bit sparse, Deribit option order books should suffice for most traders. LedgerX is the only US regulated spot and options exchange for bitcoin. LedgerX is able to structure an option for you and find a counterparty to trade on the market. Also, it will facilitate the transaction and ensure that the option writer has enough money in their account to cover the position.

Quedex is a bitcoin futures and options exchange. Launched in , the Gilbratar-based exchange offers options wholly compatible with inverse futures standard. Quedex allows you to trade and hedge both sides utilising a number of options strategies. In terms of fees, the platform allows you to earn 0. This makes it one of the most affordable bitcoin options platform out there. In addition, you can undertake margin trading with up to 10x leverage on bitcoin options and 25x leverage on bitcoin futures.

This bitcoin options trading platform is easy to navigate and provides cold storage for your bitcoin funds. However, it is important to note that Quedex is currently still running in beta mode. If you want to get involved in investing in digital assets, check out our guide of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Your Privacy is protected. Connect with us. Share Tweet. What Are Bitcoin Options? The platform has a simple fee structure that includes: Taker fee: 0. LedgerX main features include: Relatively high fees Modest liquidity Supports bitcoin and fiat A range of options Quedex Quedex is a bitcoin futures and options exchange.

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bitcoin options trading sites

What Are Cryptocurrency Options?

While Bitcoin markets have progressed quite a bit over the past few years, there is one aspect that has not gained enough traction as of. This is unfortunate mainly due to the fact that Options are a great way to trade assets that exhibit high levels of volatility. They are also ideal instruments to use for managing the risk in a portfolio. Before we can take a look at some Bitcoin options, we have to give you a quick overview of what financial options are and how they work. Options are derivative instruments that give the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at some predetermined time in the future.

What Are Options?

It is about buying Bitcoin Options. Buying Options is a limited risk trade. Deribit has no Options Calculator on its platform. Part 2 will treat the subject of selling options, also known as writing options, which is much riskier than buying them and carries unlimited risk. It will also take a look at Options strategies, and delve into the Greeks. One entire side of the market is off-limits to mex clients and the absence of competition on the writing side means Bitcoin Options at BitMEX are over-priced and the mex market maker is receiving economic rent from users. And another minus: their Put Options are knockout barrier options; there is a limit placed on the potential profit of the buyer of the DOWN options and on the potential losses of the writer BitMEX anchor. The Bitcoin Options at Deribit are Traded European Options, meaning they can be traded at any time during their lifetime but then can only be exercised at expiry. American options can be exercised at any moment during their lifetime. There is a widely-held misconception that this means you can only sell your Deribit Options at expiry.

bitcoin options trading sites

What Are Bitcoin Options?

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